Your Adventure Awaits

Find your starting location and start your adventure.

Steps for starting your hunt!

  1. Download the right app and install on your phone.
  2. Enter your voucher code.
  3. Assign everyone on your team a fun text-based role.
  4. Start your epic ScavaHunt.
Download IOS App Play in your Browswer (For other phones)

Things to Know

  • Only one person per team needs to register.
  • To split a voucher, each team leader should register. You can use the same voucher as long as the total number of players does not exceed the amount purchased.
  • Always double check you have the most up to date starting location (listed within the app).
  • Even if you purchased separate tickets you can combine them within the app.
  • Want to Start Later? Return to this page when you are ready to start. There is no need for a reservation for small groups.
  • We recommend bringing water and wearing good walking shoes!

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