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30+ challenges, 2 hours, 1 epic Scavenger Hunt Adventure

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Explore hundreds of cities around the world with your scavenger hunt season pass. This isn't your ordinary adventure. Explore your city and other cities around the world. Tickets work in any location— select on the day you explore, or explore everywhere with a season pass.

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Explore 3,000+ cities in 27 countries! The season passes and tickets above let you explore all of them. Search for hunts by city below or find hunts near you.

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Our team of expert writers and on-the-ground adventurers found the must-sees and hidden secrets in 3,000+ cities worldwide (Including 50+ activities in the California region). On your scavenger hunt, your team will walk around the city, making discoveries, earning points for every challenge you complete using our award winning application.

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Flash Sale until Friday, 06/14! Tickets can be used on any of our 3050+ hunts all around the world. Also, buy one unlimited annual pass and get a second one for an extra $20 off to gift.

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12.99 / player
Requires ticket for each player (5 & older)
Tickets must be used together on any ONE of our 3,000+ outdoor scavenger hunts
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Couple’s Annual Pass
69.99 / bundle
Valid for one year for one couple playing together
Unlimited indoor & outdoor scavenger hunts & more with date theme
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Valid for one year for up to 6 players playing together
Unlimited indoor & outdoor scavenger hunts & more with ANY theme
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Sweet date scavenger hunts
Make fun memories on a unique adventure. Exciting, romantic indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts available.
Flexible options
Our tickets work in any of our 3050+ locations and for our 20 in-home hunts, so you and your date can choose the perfect hunt!
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Over 12,000 5-star reviews
5-star reviews

See why scavenger hunts are the perfect gift

Awesome date idea for couples who like to learn about history and going out in nature.
Jennifer Floars Mullen
Extremely fun and informative. A great way to see a different side of the city. Great for a date to go exploring! Make sure you have good walking shoes, a water bottle and a full phone battery! Will definitely do it again!
Michael Campbell
An incredibly fun date day. Perfect combination of my favorite things BBQ, scavenger hunt, sunny day and a date with my husband. Looking forward to the next adventure!
Charles Booth
Great time learning about the French Quarter and walking all over New Orleans. Fun and interactive.
Dori Donnell
Very fun. Great date experience!
Kari Coller
My wife and I had a great time during our scavenger hunt in downtown San Antonio!! Our anniversary was so adventurous.
Danielle Luna


Our scavenger hunt tickets are flexible and can be used in any of our locations for up to two years. When you purchase as a gift you will receive an instant printable card for the recipient. Get Your Gift or Tickets
Tickets are valid for two years and can be used in any location. Vouchers can be split or combined to change the group size after purchasing. Our interactive roles let each person participate in the hunt. You pick what hunt you want to do on the day of the hunt on the receipt page.
Season passes allow the holder to go on as many of our hunts as they wish during 2023/2024 or 1 year after first use. The season pass holder can bring either 1 person for the couple pass or 5 people for the family/friends pass that can change every time. Also the season pass has free role upgrades included for Date/Holiday themes.
Your group will explore the city together by finding the best sights and hidden gems. Along the way, you and your teammates will complete fun photo challenges, test your knowledge of local trivia, and solve riddles. Each hunt is about two hours and is all walking. Compete for the high score and get points for doing challenges (we'll help you if you get stuck). Do the hunt any day or time, no reservation required. Our Scavenger hunts are the best way to explore the city! More questions? Watch our how it works video
You're about to give someone the best gift possible: an experience they'll love! Tickets are valid for up to 2 years from the purchase date and in any city. Enter your information on checkout and on the day of the hunt the recipient will add the group information. After you purchase, you can select from several different printable gift cards. Gift cards are delivered instantly to your email. Multiple tickets can be combined together on registration so the recipient can add friends to their hunt.
Role upgrades let you customize your experience and adventure and help your group connect better with each other and have more fun. Our standard roles are great for everyone including kids, families, and coworkers. However, our role upgrades are designed to be the most fun for that type of group. For example, the date night roles are designed to help spark a relationship while the christmas roles bring friends and family together anytime this holiday season. During registration you can swap a role upgrade for any role type of equal or lesser value.
Our scavenger hunts take about 2 hours. You can pause your scavenger hunt if you'd like to explore a stop on the hunt or get drinks/food along the way.
Whenever you're ready to explore! If you're doing an outdoor hunt, daylight may help you find some clues, you can go any day, any time (even holidays). You will never be asked to go inside buildings on your hunt, so you don't have to worry about business hours. No reservation is required for groups of less than 20.
During your hunt each person will be texted photo challenges, trivia, and other activities for everyone to do together. We recommend purchasing a role for everyone in your group and kids over 6. If a person doesn't have their own device, you can have up to 4 roles on a single device. Our app will let you know when to pass the device to them when it's their turn.