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Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Scavenger Hunt: Chicago's Magnificent Mile

Explore Chicago's Magnificent Mile, one of America's most iconic streets.

Starting Area: 399 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

About by Let's Roam

Twenty plus challenges. Two hours. One epic adventure. Your team will solve puzzles, complete challenges, and explore historic landmarks. On this modern day treasure hunt in Chicago you will compete for the top spot in your city. You can start you scavenger hunt at any time your group is ready. Learn how it works.

Below are the top rated photos challenges that teams have completed on the Chicago's Magnificent Mile Scavenger Hunt:

Team Team Bride: Capture a well-timed jumping photo.

Team Mad Car Jr: I’m round, steel, and in the ground. Lift me up; take a ladder down. Photograph me to solve the riddle!

Team Cool Kids: Oscar Wilde once said 'Life imitates art more than art imitates life.' Have your team imitate art by posing as statues!

Team World Roamers: Take an epic team photo that could be a poster for your scavenger hunt!

Team We’re Not From Here: Salt n Pepper, Hall and Oates, OJ and Toothpaste. Take a photo of two objects that go together!

Team Don’t Mess With Da D: Take an epic team photo that could be a poster for your scavenger hunt!

Team Wu-altman: Is that team member slacking? Snap a photo of you taking their pulse!

Team Wu-altman: Take a picture of the entire team doing the same action as you.

Team Wu-altman: Take a picture of a statue or sculpture. If you can't find one, maybe your team can help!

Team Tony’s Birthday!: Take an epic team photo that could be a poster for your scavenger hunt!

Team The Weird Beards: Take a photo of your allies standing in order of height.

Team Birchburger: Take an epic team photo that could be a poster for your scavenger hunt!

Team The Chicago Mustard Muppets: Take a photo of the beautiful city skyline.

Team Mad Car Jr: Which one of you is an intellectual? Take a picture of a team member posing as "The Thinker".

Team Clevercousins: Take a photo of your allies standing in height order (shortest on the left).

Perfect for Friends and Families scavenger hunts are great for large and small groups, kids and grownups alike.

This adventure will take you through the heart of Chicago and let you see how it has changed over time, while also having fun. We look forward to guiding you through this quest.

Complete interactive photo and trivia challenges. Every player plays an important role in your quest to get a high score and reach the top of the leader board.

Book your tickets today! Happy hunting!

Chicago Leaderboards

PlaceTeam NameScore
2Team Kowal5031
3Five Leaf Clovers4893
5It's my birfday!!!4790
Chicago Team Building Scavenger Hunt

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Why Do A Scavenger Hunt With Us?

Every scavenger hunt we make is designed to bring teams together and help hunters see the city in a whole new way. Be prepared to learn something new and have a great time. Our software helps us customize your scavenger hunt to your tastes as you solve clues. At the end of your hunt, you'll be ready to do it in another city!

How It Works

Your scavenger hunt will lead your group across town to the best-known landmarks as well as hidden gems. Along the way, you and your teammates will complete fun photo challenges, test your knowledge of local trivia, and solve riddles that will bring your entire group together. by Let's Roam is a great way to explore a new city or learn more about an old favorite. Learn how it works.

Why It's The Perfect Gift

Our scavenger hunt tickets are flexible and can be used in any of our locations for up to two years. When you purchase as a gift you will receive an instant printable card for the recipient.

What will I find on the Chicago's Magnificent Mile scavenger hunt?

Chicago's Magnificent Mile will help you discover new exciting things, taking you to popular attractions and secret sites even the locals don't know about. We'll lead you to 'must-see' landmarks and treasures including: Tribune Tower, Washington Square Park, Wrigley Building. Need more details? You can find additional scavenger hunt information here.

Is the Chicago's Magnificent Mile scavenger hunt good for team building?

Of course! We have a whole team of Chicago team building experts at that can help turn the Chicago's Magnificent Mile scavenger hunt into the engaging, energizing team building activity your company needs. Our team can customize any team building scavenger hunt to include a tailored route, a special starting and ending location, custom questions about your company, and your logo. Click here for more info on how to start your Chicago team building adventure.

How do I buy tickets and start the Chicago scavenger hunt?

It's easy! Start by buying scavenger hunt tickets from our store. Tickets can be used for the Chicago scavenger hunt or any city scavenger hunt (we have more than 400 hunts in cities across the globe). After securing your tickets, choose the city you want to explore. Download the Let's Roam app (our awesome parent company), select your adventure/activity, and start your epic journey!

How Long is a Scavenger Hunt?

Our scavenger hunts take about 2 hours. You can pause your scavenger hunt if you'd like to explore a stop on the hunt or get drinks/food along the way.

When Can I Do The Hunt?

Do the scavenger hunt any day from 7am to 10pm, even holidays! No reservation is required for groups of less than 20.

Does everyone need an interactive role?

During your hunt each person will be texted photo challenges, trivia, and other activities for everyone to do together. We recommend purchasing a role for everyone in your group and kids over 6. If a person doesn't have their own device, you can have up to 4 roles on a single device. Our app will let you know when to pass the device to them when it's their turn.

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