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Amarillo Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Need bachelorette party ideas in Amarillo? Go out and explore Amarillo with the girls on a fun scavenger hunt. This variant of our traditional scavenger hunt takes you on an adventure designed to maximize fun and bring your group together. Every member of your group will have a themed role and you'll do fun Bachelorette party games. Be prepared for a bachelorette party that is as crazy or as relaxed as you want.

Amarillo Bachelorette Party

About Your Bachelorette Party

The Amarillo Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt is the perfect event for any adventurous bride who wants to see the city before a night on the town. The hunt starts and ends in downtown Amarillo near the best restaurants and bars in Amarillo. Our bachelorette party games have edgy custom roles and questions that are sure to make your day exciting. Spend your time with us, and we’ll unveil an entire city to you in a bachelorette party you’ll never forget!

Perfect For Brides-To-Be!

This experience is perfect for your group because we took the best bachelorette party ideas in Amarillo and turned them into an amazing game and event! Your scavenger hunt will have custom roles and bachelorette party games. Expect to laugh a lot and have some adult fun. End the hunt near your the best bars and restaurants in the city!

Our Bachelorette Party Ideas in Amarillo

Your Amarillo bachelorette party package will give you an amazing time. You'll get some amazing memories and have plenty of embarrassing pictures to remember them too!

Every person in your group will have a role and be texted fun photo challenges and trivia during your bachelorette party game. Here are a few of the roles:

  • Bride-to-be: Get ready to be the center of attention for 2 hours (as it should be).
  • Maid of Honor: You’ve got it all together, and aren’t afraid to lead these shenanigans.
  • Flower Girl: The most innocent of the bunch. You won’t be stretched too far out of your comfort zone, but you will get some interesting challenges!
  • Wedding Photographer: If people tell you to stop taking selfies and listen to what they’re saying, then this is you. Today you’ll put your entire team in the spotlight and in the memory book.
  • Wedding Crasher: Is “subtle” an antonym of your personality? Don’t worry, this role allows you to be loud and proud about it!
  • Single Lady: You’re a powerful woman who don’t need no man...or at least that’s what you tell people! The Single Lady might find herself attracting attention, and might end up with a number or two.
  • Hot Mess: Yeah you’re beautiful, but if anyone can see past those eyes, they’ll know you’re crazy. Today you let out some of that crazy!
  • and more!

Bachelorette Package -- Starting at $275/Group

  • A step up from the standard game with unique content and features
  • Roles and challenges designed for to make the Bride the center of attention and that are a little bit more on the wild side
  • Bachelorette Photo Challenges that will create great photos for Instagram and Facebook
  • Challenges to bring the Bridal Party together and more
  • Select a package that is within your budget!
  • Have fun with your friends and family.
Bachelorette Parties Starting at $275

Amarillo Art & Elms will help you discover new exciting things, taking you to popular attractions and secret sites even the locals don't know about. We'll lead you to 'must-see' landmarks and treasures including: Wolflin Historic District, Amarillo College, Oliver-Eakle Park, . Need more details? You can find additional scavenger hunt information here.
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Our scavenger hunt tickets are flexible and can be used in any of our locations for up to two years. When you purchase as a gift you will receive an instant printable card for the recipient.
Our scavenger hunts take about 2 hours. You can pause your scavenger hunt if you'd like to explore a stop on the hunt or get drinks/food along the way.
Whenever you're ready to explore! If you're doing an outdoor hunt, daylight may help you find some clues, you can go any day, any time (even holidays). You will never be asked to go inside buildings on your hunt, so you don't have to worry about business hours. No reservation is required for groups of less than 20.
During your hunt each person will be texted photo challenges, trivia, and other activities for everyone to do together. We recommend purchasing a role for everyone in your group and kids over 6. If a person doesn't have their own device, you can have up to 4 roles on a single device. Our app will let you know when to pass the device to them when it's their turn.