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The Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas


Growing up, birthday parties are a major social event for kids. There are some great themes of the best cartoons of the time or trips to a local amusement park. There are party games, a giant cake with candles, and a group of people singing Happy Birthday. However, as we become adults, there isn’t really a standard for birthdays.

If you’ve been wanting to put together a grown-up birthday celebration, but you aren’t sure where to start, we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of adult birthday party ideas that range from a simple, short event to a multi-day celebration. It’s fun to get together and celebrate, so what are you waiting for? Get planning!

Send Her Off with a Scavenger Hunt

Planning birthday party activities can be difficult, especially when it comes to entertaining adults, but don’t worry. Let us handle the details! knows how to have fun and host parties, and we love organizing custom hunts for special events. Search our list of available city scavenger hunts and pub crawls, or let us plan something just for you and your crew.

Get Creative With Birthday Party Themes

Put together your invite list and decide on a theme for a good old-fashioned birthday party that will be a throwback to your childhood parties. Let your guests know how to participate and have some fun with it. Here are a few popular ideas to help inspire your party.


Tacos and margaritas are a great pairing and it’s popular with many groups. Throw a fiesta-themed party and serve up food from your favorite Mexican restaurant. Hand out party favors of little tequila bottles and limes or something else on theme. The party supplies can be simple for a theme and it will still be a fun party.


Decorate your party with tropical flowers and beach decor and serve up some great frozen cocktails like Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiris. Transport your guests to the Hawaiian Islands for the evening. A great playlist with some tropical vibes can help set the scene.

Halloween or Costume Party

People buy up Halloween costumes for one night a year, so why not invite them to pull them out of the closet and have a costume party. You can pick a more specific theme like superheroes or famous people costumes or just keep it general. Have a costume contest with some prizes if you want people to go all out.


Celebrate the decade you were born or maybe just your favorite decade. You can make a playlist of hit songs from that period and serve snacks and foods that were popular at the time. Invite guests to come dressed with the trends of the era and you might be surprised at the items your friends still have in their closets.

Your Favorite Movie or Genre

Movie-themed parties are fun and popular. The Great Gatsby inspired lots of parties when the most recent movie came out. You can also throw back to childhood favorites like Star Wars or Harry Potter. You can find all kinds of fun decorations at places like Party City and have a great cake made that fits the theme as well. 

Music Festival

Create a Coachella-like vibe at your party for a fun theme idea. Make flower crowns, put on a great playlist, serve funky ice cream flavors and invite people to dance and let loose. There’s an entire aesthetic around music festivals that can be fun to match and it’s an easy theme to pull off.

Other Creative Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Compete in a Scavenger Hunt or Escape Room

One fun activity to do with a small group of friends is a city scavenger hunt. It allows you to work together and compete against other teams. Score points by answering trivia questions, taking pics, and completing challenges. If you would like a customized event to suit the birthday guy or gal, contact us!

Additionally, you can check out a local Escape Room and work together to get yourselves out of a room by searching for clues and solving riddles. It’s fun to either celebrate as a group or fail altogether and figure out where you went wrong.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Movie Theater

Projectors are pretty affordable these days and can transform any outdoor space into a movie theater. Invite your friends, family, or neighbors over for a movie night in your backyard. Serve up popcorn, candy, and other refreshments. Throw some blankets and camping chairs out there and string up some twinkling lights if you have them. It’s a perfect way to host an outdoor party.

Put Together a Spa Party

Gather your friends and get pampered with a spa day. You can either book appointments at a local spa for facials, massages, or mani/pedis or you can set up an at-home spa. Order some face masks from Amazon and pull out all the different nail polish and skincare products you have. Invite your friends to bring their favorites and you can just relax and treat yourselves. There are even some professionals that will do at-home appointments so you can have them come to you.

Host a Fancy Dinner Party

Dust off your cocktail attire and give your friends an excuse to dress up and come over for a fancy dinner party. Prep a meal with multiple courses and bring out your good dishes. Bonus points if you create a beautiful table setting. Do as much of the prep work as you can before the night so you can enjoy the full event. If you are not a cook, but still want to enjoy an evening like this – order the food from a restaurant and just plate it yourself.

Go to Afternoon Tea

Maybe you were a big fan of tea parties when you were a kid, but they definitely get better when you get older. Afternoon tea is more than just a teapot and some glasses. It comes with sandwiches, cakes, cookies, and fun cocktails. If you have a place locally that offers it, you can make a reservation. Otherwise, you can pick up everything you’ll need and host at your home or another fun venue.

Embrace Your Inner Rockstar at Karaoke

Karaoke is always a crowd favorite. Plan a night out with your friends at a karaoke bar. You can either perform in front of an entire crowd at a local bar during their karaoke night or you can locate a karaoke spot that has smaller private rooms and just belt your heart out with your nearest and dearest. 

Have a Classic Backyard BBQ

A backyard BBQ or grilling at your local park is a great, classic option for a low-key soiree Take out the beanbags, ladder ball, and any other outdoor games and fire up the grill. You can enjoy all the classics – hot dogs, burgers, grilled veggie kabobs. Get festive by ordering some custom koozies or inviting everyone to bring something to tie-dye. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon outside in the beautiful weather.

Get Competitive in a Game Night

Board games are a fun group event. There are so many classics that can be played with larger groups like Pictionary, Clue, and even silly options like Twister and Operation. Invite a group of friends over and ask them to bring any of their favorite board games as well. You can put together small prizes for the winners of the evening. This is one of the easiest birthday party ideas and game nights are always a hit.

Sip Mimosas at a Brunch Event

Late nights become less and less appealing as we get older. Consider a brunch event instead of a late dinner party, especially if some of your guests have little kids with early wake-up times. Brunch can be a blast with mimosas and incredible food choices. Choose a good spot in your area and make a reservation or host at your home. There are so many easy brunch recipes you can put together and serve. Instead of cake, you could have donuts as your birthday dessert. 

Become Characters at a Murder Mystery Event

Murder mystery evenings are making a big comeback in popularity. Some cities have locations that host these events and you just have to show up. There are also plenty of online options that provide a host and everyone joins from different locations and is guided through a series of conversations to determine who is guilty. The last option is to purchase a box set and host your own event. Many of them come with themes and all the instructions, printables, and invitations to put it all together. 

Plan Out a Bar Crawl or Progressive Dinner

Invite your friends for a night out. You can put together a bar crawl with multiple locations use a ready-made bar hunt, or contact us to have a custom event designed just for you. With challenges at each stop, you can get competitive and have some laughs!

Another option if you want to move around throughout the evening is to plan a progressive dinner where you visit a few different restaurants and share dishes at each one. The first stop can be an appetizer, then stop for drinks, then eat entrees somewhere and finish up with a stop for dessert. It’s a fun way to try food from multiple places and do something a little different. 

Rent Out a Roller Rink or Ice Rink

Throw a retro birthday party by inviting all your friends to a roller skating rink. Most offer rentals, so people don’t have to own skates. There is great music and usually some decent food and snack options. If ice skating is more your style, check with the local hockey rinks and see if they allow rentals for parties. It’s a good way to see which of your friends and family can move on skates. If you want a throwback, add in some limbo and a conga line. 

Blow Up Floaties for a Pool Party

If you have a summer birthday or live somewhere warm, gather your friends together for a pool day. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pool, Swimply is an app that allows you to search for private pools that you can rent by the hour. Bring all the floaties you have and spend the day splashing in the water with your friends. You can bring a cooler of cold drinks and enjoy some simple snacks. 

Set Up a Shopping Event at a Boutique

Many local boutiques will allow you to schedule a time to rent out their store. Sometimes it’s after hours and sometimes they will close during normal business hours to accommodate a group. Crack some champagne and try on anything you want with your best friends to help you make some decisions. If shopping is something you love to do, this is a fun way to spoil yourself and have a unique experience with your friends.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, a birthday dessert is the best part of the celebration. Consider hosting a cookie swap. Everyone makes a certain number of a certain kind of cookie and then comes to the party and swaps with the other attendees so everyone goes home with a huge variety of different sweets. This is a popular event during the holiday season, but you can host an event like this any time of year. If you don’t want to ask your friends to bake up a storm, consider doing a dessert potluck instead so everyone can sample different desserts and creations at your party without all the take-home treats.

Volunteer as a Group for a Local Nonprofit

Use your birthday celebration as an opportunity for your group of friends to give back. There are always volunteer opportunities available within your community so plan a day for a group to get together and give back a little bit. Plan in advance to make sure whichever organization you want to work with has the space and can prepare for your group. For something more fluid, you can always do a park or beach clean-up.

Do Some DIY Crafting

Crafting can be a fun group activity. You can sign up for an art class or specific class together or look up some projects on Pinterest and gather up the supplies for your guests. Some fun ideas include home decor items, jewelry, painting, or pottery. Many craft stores have kits that make it easy to gather what you need, so check out the shelves there if you need some inspiration. 

Sip Wines at a Winery or an At-Home Tasting

Host a wine tasting for your birthday party at a vineyard in your area and learn more about different flavors and varietals. If you don’t live near a winery, have no fear, you can set up a wine tasting yourself with a quick trip to the wine store where you can have them suggest a lineup of flavors for your group to try. 

Celebrate Bigger for Milestone Birthdays

Some birthdays may deserve a bigger celebration than others. If it’s your 30th birthday, you might want to do something more fabulous than 27 or 28. Make sure you give people plenty of time to plan and know that not everyone can leave town or commit to overnight, but lots of people love to spend a night or a few somewhere else for a celebration. Sometimes just a group of your closest friends celebrate your special day somewhere new at the best party you could ask for.

Host a Slumber Party

Gather your friends together for an old-school sleepover. Pull out your best pajamas, loads of snacks, and candy, and stay up late playing truth or dare and watching movies with your favorite people. If you want to take it to the next level, rent a suite at a nice hotel in town to have a little staycation where you can order room service and maybe even have access to a pool or spa.

Plan a Camping or HIking Weekend Adventure

If you love the outdoors, consider planning a camping weekend with a group of people. It’s fun sitting around the campfire, eating s’mores, and telling stories while enjoying the great outdoors. You can plan hikes or just hang around the campground and cook on the fire and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Bonus points if you pick a place without any phone signal to unplug and unwind.

Vacation with Your Best Friends

Everyone loves a vacation. If you have a big milestone birthday coming up, see if your friends want to escape to somewhere fun to celebrate. You can combine birthday celebrations if you want with other friends to make it more of a group celebration. Check off a bucket list spot like Napa Valley, New York City, or Las Vegas. There are incredible options all over the world that make for fun friend trips. Brainstorm with your BFFs and decide on all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a unique way to celebrate an adult birthday?

Scavenger hunts and pub crawls make fantastic birthday events! In fact, there are tons of creative adult birthday party ideas, ranging from simple themes to birthday getaways.

What’s a good theme for an adult birthday party?

Adult birthday party ideas and themes can be anything from a favorite movie to a decade to a color or a seasonal element. Popular choices include Hawaiian luaus, the 1980s, and Coachella.

Are there companies that organize birthday bar crawls? can customize an entire birthday party scavenger hunt or pub crawl, for you and your friends to enjoy a unique and fun-filled celebration with the guest of honor!


25 Birthday Ideas (Just About) Anyone Will Love


Your birthday is coming up, and it’s time to start planning how you want to celebrate, but coming up with a perfectly planned event or activities can be tough. It’s challenging planning a birthday party for anyone, let alone yourself. It was much easier as kids, wasn’t it? Well, don’t feel discouraged! We have plenty of birthday ideas that are sure to make your special day both tons of fun and extremely memorable.

We’re including suggestions for every type of person—the lone wolf, the adrenaline junkie, the indulgent one, and even those who need to remain socially distanced. Whether you love a huge bash or prefer something more low-key, your birthday wishes are bound to come true when you celebrate with any of these recommendations.

We didn’t get you a birthday card, but we hope this little gift will help you find just what you’re looking for. Come back to this post, year after year, to make every one of your birthdays literally one for the ages!

Give Yourself the Gift of Adventure

How would you like to explore your city, or any city of your choice, for your big day without having to do any planning or rely on friends or family to handle the details? Does that sound like a dream come true? Well, it’s not! by Let’s Roam to the rescue! We offer custom birthday adventures. You choose the location and let us know what you’d like and we’ll take care of planning the activities. It’s like an epic-themed birthday party for any age!

The expert party planners at will work with you, or a trusted friend or family member, so we can find out a little about you and your crew. We’ll design a scavenger hunt, art walk, pub crawl, or even a ghost tour. Custom trivia, social media-worthy photo ops, and fun facts are included. Each location will be like a little birthday surprise. Just have your guests show up with their party hats on and maybe some confetti and streamers to celebrate at the last stop. What are you waiting for?

Birthday Ideas for Small Groups

If you just want to celebrate with your closest companions, consider these options. Each unique experience will give you and yours some quality time, while you share stories and create new memories.

1. Book a Spa Day 

Gather your girls or grab your significant other and head to the spa! Book an appointment and get yourself facials, manis, pedis, massages, or anything your heart desires. If a spa day isn’t in the budget, a DIY spa day can be just as fun. Get yourselves some printable recipes for face scrubs, conditioning treatments, and foot baths and mix ’em up. Throw some cucumber slices on your eyes and relax.

2. Have a Game Night

This one brings new meaning to the phrase “party games.” Phone your closest friends and ask each other about their favorite board game. Get together and play the one that gets the most votes. Make a night of it—have munchies on hand and blend up some drinks. You could even have party favors! Whether you win or lose, you’re sure to have a great night.

Or if a virtual party is more your style, throw a virtual game night for your next birthday! You and your friends will have a blast playing classic party games from the comfort of your socially distanced home!

3. Participate in a Pub Crawl

Birthday Pub Crawl

If you and yours love to get your drink on, why not head out on a pub crawl? Our friends at Let’s Roam offer ready-made bar hunts or can customize a pub crawl for you. Explore the best watering holes in your town or a city near you!

Birthday Ideas for Nature Lovers

Are you a tree hugger or do you just love the feeling of fresh air? Then these are the birthday ideas for you. They’ll have you celebrating under the sun or the stars!

4. Go Camping (or Glamping)

A birthday retreat could be just what the doctor ordered. Call your buddies, load up the car with camping supplies and pitch a tent under the stars. Spend your birthday night roasting marshmallows and singing the night away. Who needs cake and ice cream when you have s’mores?!

5. Take a Hike

Find a trail you’ve never explored, prepare some provisions, and head out. Pick yourself a bouquet of wildflowers, take some photos, and be one with nature. Enjoy yourself and cherish your alone time. Just be sure to keep safety in mind!

6. Star Gaze

Find a spot where you can safely lounge, out in the open, at night and get ready to gaze at the stars. Invite a few friends, pack some party supplies, and talk about the good times while you enjoy each other’s company. If you prefer to make this a solo mission, sit down with an astrologer during the day and find out about your true horoscope, then set out after dark and see how many constellations you can spot.

Birthday Ideas for Adventurers

Are you an adventure seeker or adrenaline junkie? Then the following birthday ideas are perfect for people who enjoy an experience.

7. Climb a Mountain

Climbing a Mountain on Your Birthday

This one is great for a milestone birthday! Remember that mountain you’ve always wanted to conquer? Now’s the time. Make an effort to get up early, gather your hiking buddies, and get going. Try to time it so you reach the peak at sunset and don’t forget to capture it on camera.

8. Book that Dream Vacation

Why wait? Your big day is the perfect excuse to jet-set. Travel to a place that’s been on your bucket list. Whether it is the beaches of Florida, the mountains of West Virginia, or even The Himalayas, the world is your playground. You can spend your day in a foreign land doing everything you wish to do. Make it an annual tradition!

9. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Have a bunch of adventurous friends who are up for anything? Enjoy a scavenger hunt on your birthday. Let us do the planning and you can show up for the fun. This is a perfect gift idea for a friend’s birthday, too! Hunts can be customized with themed party characters, and challenges. We even offer special hunts. For example, if your birthday is near Halloween (or even if it’s not), you can make it a ghost hunt. There are so many options!

Birthday Ideas for Those Who Like to Indulge

Don’t feel like celebrating with anyone this time? No problemo! We have birthday ideas for every kind of person and occasion. There are plenty of things to do even if you do not feel like hanging out with friends. Pamper yourself to a spa day or go out shoping. You can even treat yourself to an elaborate meal; the world is your oyster!

10. Buy a New Outfit

Nothing feels better than retail therapy at times, and what better day to indulge buy buying yourself a birthday gift (or two … or three). Don’t leave any stone unturned as you search for your perfect duds to celebrate your day. If you can splurge, don’t stop at one—treat yourself to a new wardrobe. New year, new threads, new you!

11. Do a Birthday Photoshoot

This can go hand-in-hand with #7 on our list. Feel like an absolute star this birthday—Get glammed up and feel like a celebrity. Put together a camera-ready wardrobe and hire a photographer to take stunning birthday photos! Post Insta-worthy pictures of yourself on social media and watch the birthday wishes roll in.

12. Enjoy a Fancy Meal

Your birthday is that one time of the year when you can indulge in anything. Go to a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try (or order in) and let yourself go, guilt-free! Make sure you indulge in all your favorite foods and don’t forget to treat yourself to some delicious drink(s).

Birthday Ideas for Those Who Prefer to Fly Solo

You don’t always have to plan a birthday party with others in mind. Make this occasion all about you. “The world is your oyster” as they say. In addition to some solo options elsewhere on our list, these two birthday ideas are sure to make your day special.

13. Go On a Road Trip

Pack your favorite treats, load up your favorite tunes, and spend the day driving. You can have an itinerary in mind or just go where the road takes you. Snap photos, take in the sights, and hit up some shops. Spend the day enjoying your own company.

14. Get a Psychic Reading

Get a Psychic Reading for Your Birthday

Everyone gets curious about their future. Head to a psychic or card reader and see what they have to share with you. You could even try a past life regression reading if that’s something that interests you. Your birthday is an ideal time to gaze into your past and see what the future holds.

Birthday Ideas for Fun Seekers

If you thrive on excitement and adrenaline rushes, this is the category for you. Get that blood pumping, satisfy your competitive spirit, or play some pool games. These birthday party ideas are sure to be a good time!

15. Go to an Amusement Park

Book tickets for an amusement park and have a day with your loved ones. Involve the kiddos, friends, and anyone brave enough to take on your favorite rides. Ride the scariest roller coaster, eat delicious food, and get competitive in the arcades. Feel like a kid again as you celebrate your big day!

16. Play Laser Tag

Bring out that competitive side to you as you bring the other team down in a fun game of laser tag. This game never fails to get that adrenaline rushing. Call your dream team and get ready to get messy! Smashing a piñata isn’t the only way to get out some aggression on your special day.

17. Throw a Pool Party

This idea works, whether you’re in a warm climate or have an indoor pool or water park nearby. Many hotels rent their pools to groups with reservations. Near the sea? Make it a beach party! Just pack your best suit, hit the water, and have a happy birthday blast!

Birthday Ideas for the Nostalgic

It doesn’t matter if you are having your 30th birthday or your 50th birthday—you can take a trip down memory lane anytime. Think back to simpler times and get ready to relive some. When you give these ideas a whirl, you’ll have a ball!

18. Catch a Drive-In Movie

Drive-In Movie Birthday Party

There are still some drive-ins left in the world. If there’s not one near you, make a DIY drive-in! Set up a projector and a screen, even if you have to do it in your own yard or driveway. Pop some popcorn, grab some Goobers, and enjoy the show!

19. Host a Sleepover

Recreate your middle school days by inviting your best friends over, play truth or dare, do each other’s hair, watch movies, and stay up late gossiping. It will feel comforting to indulge in activities that you used to enjoy as a kid. Don’t forget the goodies! What’s a slumber party without pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, candy, and chips? Oh my!

20. Have a Skating Party

Get out those old roller skates or rent them at your nearest rink. Call ahead and make party reservations or just make it an informal, spur-of-the-moment dance party on wheels! Skating isn’t just for kiddos. You’re about to boogie to the beats, under the lights, and get retro. Some rinks will even provide a birthday cake, brought out to you by singing staff. How could that not make for an awesome party?!

Birthday Ideas for Cultural Aficionados

Are you the artistic type or do you like to expand your horizons? These birthday ideas are will appeal to your senses and may even get your creative juices flowing!

21. Appreciate Some Art

If you love art, get thee to a gallery! Your birthday is a great time to see some amazing art. If galleries aren’t your scene, how about a mural hunt? Take in some street art as you celebrate your day.

22. See a Show

If theaters are an option in your area, why not support them by getting tickets for you and your loved ones to see a play or a musical? Some universities also offer “theater on the green,” where you can see college performers in an outdoor setting. What a fun birthday that would be!

Birthday Ideas for Volunteers

Share some goodwill to celebrate your birthday. These ideas are great for a solo endeavor or you can involve friends and family. Whichever you choose, these are wonderful ways to spend a day!

23. Help Humans in Need

Spread some love to those less fortunate. Spend your birthday at a shelter or soup kitchen. You could even ask to pass out cupcakes for dessert! When pandemic restrictions don’t prohibit it, consider visiting a hospital or nursing home. The smiles on the faces of others will help make your birthday a happy one, for sure!

24.  Visit an Animal Rescue or Sanctuary

There are animals all over the world in need of our time and care. Take a trip to a rescue or sanctuary in your area and play with the animals, donate supplies, and help with feeding or cleaning. The animals will appreciate it, but you might appreciate it even more. If you don’t know where to start, try this list of animal sanctuaries.

Birthday Idea for the Socially Distanced

A lot of people are still social distancing. That doesn’t mean your birthday plans have to go down the drain. Or maybe you just don’t have family or friends close by. Whatever the case, you can still celebrate!

25. Host a Virtual Party

Celebrating a birthday away from loved ones should be more than a quick Zoom or Skype call. Allow our friends at Let’s Roam to help you plan a virtual birthday party! Each celebration includes five rounds of fun and you get to choose your favorites. The options include over 50 trivia categories, drinking games, drawing challenges, virtual charades, and more! All you need is a guest list of people with Internet-ready devices and browsers. See how it works.

We hope that this list can be a helpful guide when you’re looking for things to do on your birthday. Share it with friends and help make their days special, too.

You are an extraordinary person who deserves to feel amazing on your special day, so don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight. Try fitting a couple of these ideas into a whole birthday week to make this your most unforgettable birthday ever!

May you feel birthday love from all over the world—we’re sending some your way. Happy birthday from and Let’s Roam!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I celebrate my birthday if I can’t be with friends and family?

See this list of birthday ideas or plan a virtual birthday celebration. creates handcrafted experiences to suit a variety of needs. Check out the available options and have a happy birthday!

Where can I book a birthday party scavenger hunt?

Have plan a birthday party scavenger hunt. Each attendee will receive a themed birthday role, like the Party Animal or Shutterbug. Of course, the guest of honor will be the Birthday Star!

What are some birthday ideas for my wife?

Plan a special scavenger hunt with friends and family or set up a drive-in movie night at home for the two of you. This list of birthday ideas has options to suit just about anyone!