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How to Plan a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. The weather is cooler, we get our fix of warm hot chocolate, and nights can be spent snuggling by the fireplace. But the weather isn’t the highlight of wintertime. The holiday season always means it’s time for some family and friendly fun! How would you like to bond with your favorite people while solving challenges on a special Christmas scavenger hunt? We’ve made the entire process easy for you. With our guide, you’ll be able to plan an entire holiday scavenger hunt, from clues to rewards. Who knows? You might even make this a new family tradition!

Plan a Scavenger Hunt this Holiday Season

If you’re on the lookout for an effortless holiday outing, look no further than our epic scavenger hunts. These hunts are sure to be loved by everyone—younger, older, and in-between. You’ll be able to explore the best wintery landmarks in your city or a nearby town as you take part in photo and video challenges and compete for bragging rights. And you won’t even need to sweat the details! We have a connection or two at the North Pole and we’ve got it covered.

Tips for Hosting a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Choose a convenient day and time.

The most important step of organizing a Christmas scavenger hunt is to get the timing right. Pick a date and time that is suitable for everyone attending. Be sure to work it around travel schedules. Host it before the holidays get really crazy, or make it part of your Christmas Eve festivities. If you’re planning the activity for your immediate family, you might even want to make it a part of Christmas morning, after opening gifts from Santa, of course! Have the kiddos hunt for some special surprises.

While it’s perfectly fine to keep the finer details of your hunt a secret, you might benefit from informing your family and friends that you plan on holding a Christmas season hunt. This will help them plan their holiday around the event. Your hunt might range from a couple of hours to an entire day, depending on how big you want to go. It is essential to be mindful of your family’s time, and keep them posted beforehand.

Be winter-ready.

If you’re in an area with major seasonal fluctuations, ‘tis the season to be cold!

A Christmas scavenger hunt almost guarantees chilly weather, be it a breezy evening in Florida or a snowy day in New York. Make sure your participants are prepared to face any inclement weather. If you want to head outdoors for the hunt, pack a jacket, earmuffs, and gloves so that you can stay warm.

In fact, you can give each participant hunt-themed gloves or hats. If you’re competing in teams, each team can have its own color! Or make a reindeer team, a snowman team, a team of elves, etc. This will add an extra element, and your family will have something to take home after a memorable hunt.

You can also get your family complimentary hot chocolate coupons so you’ll have something warm to gush over. The options are endless!

Choose a theme.

This is the ideal time of year for a themed scavenger hunt. Themes can help turn your treasure hunt into a full-fledged fun Christmas game! Here are 8 of our top hunt ideas to make your event truly festive and memorable!

  1. Holiday Photo Hunt: Print out your favorite photos and hide them around the house, with clues written on the back. This will be a charming trip down memory lane as participants hunt for new clues and makes new memories.
  2. Search for Lights: If your neighborhood is twinkling with Christmas lights, incorporate the displays into your hunt or use them as clues along the way from stop to stop!
  3. Cookie Hunt: Make each challenge cookie-related, like decorating sugar cookies with holiday motifs or cutting shapes of elves, gifts, reindeer, and candy canes! The grand finale can involve gingerbread!
  4. Elf Hunt: We love this hunt—Each participant must find specific elf decorations around the neighborhood and city. At the end of the hour, the team that finds the most elves wins!
  5. Ornament Hunt: This indoor DIY hunt is a great way to decorate the Christmas tree together. Write a clue for each ornament and put the printable Christmas scavenger hunt clues in a box. Take each clue out and guess which ornament it denotes!
  6. Caroling Hunt: Write clues based on popular Christmas carols and Christmas songs. Solve and answer each clue by singing the carol. For example, the first clue could be a riddle about bells and hunters will have to sing “Jingle Bells” to move on. You’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time!
  7. Stocking Stuffer Hunt: This hunt is easy to pull off. Hide clues inside stockings around the house. Make sure you leave some blank cards in stockings as decoys. When a participant finds the right clue, they move on to the next round! If you hide some small Christmas gifts in with the clues—finders keepers! 

Keep extra supplies handy.

Whatever the type of hunt, it’s wise to keep some extra supplies ready. This can range from extra copies of clues, stationery, or a few extra winter garments to keep guests warm. You never know when you might need an extra blanket or a pair of scissors.

If your hunt is outdoors, make sure to carry these supplies in a designated car. This way, the participants will be able to call the designated driver in case of any emergencies. For an indoor hunt, keep a stash of paper, glue, an extra deck of clues, and other craft supplies.

Consider using a scavenger hunt app.

Still with us? If this is sounding like a lot, it’s because it is! Planning an entire scavenger hunt by yourself can be quite the task, especially with the holiday season keeping you preoccupied. You could try to find a free printable Christmas scavenger hunt, but a search like that can be time-consuming. If time’s getting away from you or event organizing is not your thing, you can opt to use a specialized service (like!) or a scavenger hunt app. It will make things much easier.

With Let’s Roam’s scavenger hunt app, you’ll be able to host a smooth, hassle-free event at the touch of a button. Since our hunts are in more than 400 cities across the globe, you’ll be able to organize and coordinate a seamless event. Each team needs only one mobile device with a voucher to log in and access the clues and challenges.

Since the hunt is completely app-led, participants will be able to pause and resume and hunt at will. You can stop the activity at any time for a hot cocoa break! In addition, the live leaderboard lets you monitor scores in real-time, so you can keep track of points for bragging rights.

If you want something a little more specific, like incorporating a special holiday tradition or Christmas trivia that pertains to your group, contact our expert guides. We’ll hook you up!

Make a detailed list of rules and guidelines.

Before you embark on your family Christmas scavenger hunt, jot down what’s allowed and what isn’t. You don’t have to be a Grinch, but rules make scavenger hunts run smoothly. For instance, are participants allowed to Google answers on their cell phones, or should they rely on the ole’ noodle? Is skipping a clue allowed? How many hints does each team get?

Distribute copies to your attendees so that they’ll be able to reference them at any time during the event. Depending on how critical the rules are, you might want to add a point penalty when someone breaks a rule.

Decide how teams will “win.”

What type of scavenger hunt do you want to have? In case you opt for a time-bound hunt, the winner will be decided by who reaches the final destination first. If your hunt is outdoors, make sure it is safe for the participants to run and race against time, especially if it is cold and slippery outside.

You might also opt to have a task-based hunt. For instance, if you have five hidden clues in each location, the team that finds the most clues wins. You can also crown the winner based on the most creative team of the lot. In case you have many photo and video challenges, the most creative video wins the prize!

Make a list of things your teams will look for.

Before you write down the clues for each round, decide what the prize will be. Here, you can go crazy and opt for holiday-themed goodies, or go old school. The choice is yours!

For outdoor hunts, look for popular landmarks and city-based trivia. If you want a pre-made city-based hunt, Let’s Roam’s outdoor Christmas scavenger hunts will take you around the most popular landmarks of the city, with photo ops and trivia at every turn.

For indoor hunts, you can hide clues in decorated envelopes. Show off some origami and crafting skills as you fold the handcrafted paper into shapes like wreaths and mistletoe. The more unique and colorful your clues, the more entertaining the event will be.

Create tricky but age-appropriate clues.

This is one of the most important steps of planning your hunt. Who is your hunt supposed to cater to—little children? Tweens? Adult friends? Your clues and questions must be age-appropriate. If kids are involved, family-friendly is the way to go. With adults, you can use more complex clues and include some libations!

If your scavenger hunters are of mixed ages, you can mark clues specifically designed for younger children. Label them “For Kids Only” or place those clues in different colored envelopes. That will appeal to little ones, who will be even more excited to spot specials clues just for them. It will give the adults some time to catch their breath too!

Personalize your questions.

The best way to make your hunt memorable is to personalize and customize your clues and questions. Load up your clues with inside jokes, references, family trivia, and other customized clues. You can include birthdays, anniversaries, graduation stories, prom date trivia, and many more.

The more personalized the questions, the more your family will love the clues. This is a great way to keep the entire group engaged. If you can, try to keep this a surprise. Spotting familiar names and clues will be a holiday treat for the fam!

Prepare holiday food!

The best way to your family’s heart is through their tummies!

Keep everyone’s energy by providing holiday treats. In fact, you can make this a part of the hunt too. This works well for indoor hunts. For instance, one of the tasks for the hunt can be decorating sugar cookies or completing a gingerbread house kit.

This is a Christmas activity that both kids and adults will enjoy alike. For an adults-only game, you can try an eggnog chugging contest or a pie-eating competition. The more, the merrier!

Place your clues.

Hide clues in strategic spots—in and around Christmas decorations, for starters. For example, you can hide your clues inside Christmas stockings, near the fireplace, inside Christmas ornaments, or even under pies.

For some more holiday fun, wrap your clues with Christmas-themed wrapping paper. Your family (especially the kids) will love unwrapping clues and finding new clues inside.

Make use of Christmas landmarks.

If you’re leaning towards an outdoor hunt, make the best of Christmas landmarks. Use your neighbors’ Christmas lights and decorations as landmarks. You can also head over to your nearest mall to gape at their Christmas trees and find a clue nearby.

Make the most of the outdoors by incorporating snow and other winter staples in your games. One of the tasks can be building snowmen or making snow angels. The entire family is certain to have an amazing time!

Decorate a tree.

What’s Christmas without a spectacular Christmas tree? Incorporate this into your scavenger hunt by making this one of your tasks. Here are a couple of ways you can do this.

One of the tasks of the scavenger hunt must be making an ornament for the tree using craft supplies. Participants can use paper to fold it into different shapes, or glue a string to a ball and hang it on the tree. They get their next clue only after hanging the ornament on the tree.

Another way to go about it is by hiding an ornament inside the house. Your family must hunt for the ornament and race against time to hang it on the tree. The first team to hang the ornament gets a bonus clue in addition to the usual clue.

Make the end goal worth it!

The holidays are a time of family and giving. To get your family all excited and amped up for the Christmas scavenger hunt game and holiday party, make sure the final prize is worth it. You don’t have to shell a lot of money for this (unless you want to, of course!).  

Make sure the winner of your hunt gets something special. This can be as simple as bragging rights or a prime spot in the holiday photo with the whole family. They can also get special holiday PJs or a handmade crown!

Closing Thoughts on Christmas Scavenger Hunts

Hopefully, with those Christmas scavenger hunt ideas in mind, you’ll be able to delight your loved ones with a fantastic event. Many of these suggestions can easily be incorporated into an online hunt for a virtual Christmas party for family and friends.

If you prefer, invite your gang to a hunt created by us! Each event—indoor or out—is packed with excitement! If you opt for a virtual scavenger hunt, you can purchase a multi-home party pack to share your indoor hunt with friends and family around the world. They’ll be able to compete with you online! You don’t have to let distance get in the way of holiday fun this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Christmas scavenger hunt work?

Planning a Christmas scavenger hunt is easy. Plan ahead, make a list of clues and prompts, and hide them in strategic locations around the house or your city. You’re all set to go!

What do you need for a Christmas scavenger hunt?

When hosting a Christmas scavenger hunt, you’ll need to come up with clues pointing participants to each location. You may also want to offer rewards if you’re not just competing for bragging rights.

What’s the easiest way to host a Christmas scavenger hunt?

Using a scavenger hunt app gives you all the tools you need to create an unforgettable scavenger hunt. Once you sign up, you can personalize your indoor or outdoor hunt in no time!

What are some fun games to play at virtual holiday parties?

Host a virtual scavenger hunt! You could also try this list of 25 virtual holiday party ideas. It includes Christmas Charades, some interesting twists on Christmas movie night, and more.

Can I plan an indoor Christmas scavenger hunt?

Yes, absolutely. With Let’s Roam’s indoor scavenger hunt option, you can turn your home into a scavenger hunt hub. Turn simple craft supplies and furniture into props for a hilarious family-friendly hunt!

How can I start a fun new Christmas tradition?

Find an activity that’s enjoyable for people of all ages, give it a try, and see if it sticks. Consider a Christmas scavenger hunt. It can be done year after year, but no two events are ever alike!

Family FunScavenger Hunts

Family Travel Tips to Make Your Next Vacation a Breeze

Planning a family vacation is no doubt exciting! The thrill of picking locations and finding attractions is unparalleled. This is why we’ve curated a useful list of 19 family travel tips for your next trip. These trips will help you prepare for last-minute delays, emergencies, and pretty much every unexpected event!

Make a Stop for a Scavenger Hunt

The most important thing about family trips is making great memories. With, you’ll be able to create some wonderful moments wherever you go. Our outdoor scavenger hunts are available in 400+ cities around the world. Answer trivia questions, solve puzzles, and have a blast!

The Best Tips for Family Trips

1. Save right.

One of the first things you’ll have to think about while planning your trip is fixing a budget. You can make this process easier by having a separate savings account for your vacation. This way, you’ll be able to access the vacation fund easily. This makes planning expensive trips easier too; you’ll save a lot of money before you even start your trip.

Whether you’re planning to hit up a theme park, taking a domestic trip, or going on an international vacation, having a separate vacation fund will make it easier for you to budget your trip since you’ll have some money upfront. This way, you’ll be able to allocate funds to different activities. Any extra money you have will be a great treat for souvenirs and gifts!

2. Choose a suitable destination.

Once you’ve got an idea of your budget, use care in choosing your vacation destination. Consider the following:

The kind of vacation you have in mind: Do you want to go on a sightseeing trip to a new country, or to an amusement park two states away? Are you planning on staying at a beach shack or do you want to rent an RV or a rental car? Is this a family vacation or a romantic couples getaway with plenty of quiet time?

The budget: Do you want to go all out on a luxurious hotel room, or rent Airbnb to save on some funds? What type of food do you want to eat once you get there? Do you want to travel within the country or outside?

The travel specifics: What weather would you like to travel to—hot places or cold? In addition, would you prefer touristy spots or off-beat locations? Do you want to travel to a city or go on a camping getaway with the entire family?

Once you narrow your choices, consider asking the little ones to pick their favorite destination from the options. This way, you’ll get the whole family excited and onboard. This will let the kiddos feel more involved and generate even more excitement!

3. Get travel insurance.

One of the most important family travel tips is getting travel insurance. Be it an RV road trip or an international holiday, travel insurance will give you a comfortable safety net. This will be of help if you had some (literal and metaphorical) roadblocks along the way.

This is especially true while traveling internationally Travel insurance will be your saving grace in case of any unexpected hassles, like losing your luggage or having your flight get canceled.

4. Time it right.

Once you’ve picked your vacation destination, think about ­­when you want to travel. Popular vacation destinations get really expensive during the peak travel season. If you want to enjoy some vacation weather or catch seasonal shows, you may have to pay extra money.

Most vacation destinations also have an off-season time where rates are not that high. All it takes is a bit of research to find the off-season months; while you may not be able to enjoy the same festivals, you will still be able to enjoy some great weather and locations at lower rates.

5. Book ahead of time.

One of the best family travel tips and an effective way to save money while traveling is to book as much as possible ahead of time. This applies both to seasonal and off-season trips. If you want to make a seasonal trip to a popular destination, booking months ahead of time might get you some savings on hotels and flights. As you go closer to seasonal slots, things will start getting expensive.

If you travel frequently by air, consider checking out airline apps where you can use frequent flier miles to score discounts on flights. Aggregator services will also help you pick out inexpensive flights.

6. Pack wisely.

Another way to ensure a stress-free vacation is to pack wisely. We recommend the doctrine of “less is more” for you and “more is perfect” for your children. While packing clothes, use the roll method to save space. Instead of folding and stacking clothes, roll them and arrange them like logs. You’ll be able to make room for more clothes this way.

Similarly, keep new socks inside a plastic bag and stuff them inside your shoes (if you’re packing an extra pair of shoes) so you can save some extra room.

While packing, decide if you want to carry a backpack or a suitcase. If you’re mostly on the road, you might find a backpack more useful because it is easier to carry and unload. You’ll also be able to unpack at camping grounds easily. If you’re staying in an RV, you can use a combination of both backpacks and suitcases. If you’re traveling by air, suitcases might be your most convenient bet.

Regardless of your mode of transport, don’t forget to carry an emergency backpack with all your essentials. If you travel by air, an overnighter carry-on is your best bet. This will be an overnighter bag that contains a spare set of clothes, essential medication, some snacks, some cash, and a first-aid kit. Keep this bag handy so you’ll have a spare set of clothes to change into in case your luggage is lost or misplaced.

In addition, make a checklist of everything you need to pack. This packing list will be useful when you pack, unpack, and repack at multiple locations.

7. Bring resealable bags.

One of the most useful family travel tips is to always carry some resealable, reusable bags with you. These bags will come in handy for just about anything, be it disposing of something, holding wet clothes, or acting as baggage separators. You’ll also be able to use these bags to carry some snacks too. If the bags are reusable, you’ll be able to travel sustainably without contributing to more pollution.

As a rule of thumb, carry some Ziplock bags and cloth bags with you everywhere you go. This way, you’ll be prepared for any emergencies. Most international tourist places charge extra for plastic bags, so you’ll be able to save a quick buck or two by bringing your own bags.

8. Organize your documents.

While traveling with children, it is important to organize and prepare all your documents beforehand. Such family travel tips are essential because you may be distracted and engaged with your kids during your journey. If you keep your things organized beforehand, it will make the entire process hassle-free.

Take copies of your flight tickets, passports, and visa documents and leave a copy in each suitcase. Having a few backups of your documents will make things much easier during transit.

Scan the documents so you have a digital backup in addition to physical copies. If you travel with young children, you might want to carry a copy of their birth certificates or identifying information so you can get children’s discounts at popular attractions.

Family at Airport

9. Get holders.

Another way to stay organized during your trip is to get proper holders for your credit cards, documents, and other essentials. Passport holders are useful to keep your papers easy to reach.

If you’re driving, mobile phone holders are useful. We also recommend getting waterproof bags to hold your wallet, phone, and other items if your stops include beaches, lakes, rivers, or waterparks.

Wherever possible, carry your own stroller or car seat to keep things clean. High chairs are usually available on location.

10. Create an itinerary.

Speaking of popular attractions, now is the time to create an itinerary. This doesn’t mean you have to plan every minute of every day. However, having a rough idea of where to go on which day, would make your trip easier to execute. Such family travel trips make traveling easier.

For instance, certain attractions may offer discounted rates for children during the week. Many museums have a day of free admissions every week. Zoos, aquariums, and ticketed parks offer slashed rates for families during weekdays. Once you do your research, you’ll be able to make the best use of these discounted rates and score a bargain.

In addition, planning an itinerary gives some structure to your vacation so you can keep things exciting for the kids. They will have something to look forward to, making it easier to keep them engaged during the day. You’ll also be able to spend more time having fun with your kids, instead of running around trying to plan your day while you’re on vacation.

To keep your vacation stress-free, ask your kids for their inputs while planning the itinerary. This way, your kids will feel included and valued. They’ll also be able to pick an activity that they would enjoy, instead of you deciding for them.  

11. Have games ready for the road.

Long road trips and flights may get monotonous and boring, especially for young children. Keeping them occupied can be a tad stressful if you haven’t got your planning right.

If you have a few travel games and activities ready, you’ll be able to focus on the road while the kids have something fun to do. You’ll also be able to laugh and spend some quality time with the entire family as you bond over games, riddles, and puzzles.

For instance, a Madlibs prompt set is always sure to get some laughs. Younger children and toddlers will enjoy playing with puppets. If you’re on a flight, you can carry coloring books or journals so your children have something creative to do. Joke books make every family road trip fun. Older kids may be content with a few ebooks or a travel playlist.

For some ideas on activities to engage in during your downtime, check out Adventures from Scratch: Family Edition. This book has more than 50 interactive scratch-off adventures for trips of every kind. The on-the-go cards can be used while on drives, hikes, and road trips. The different sections of the book help you narrow down the type of adventure without breaking the surprise. Your kids will enjoy discovering a new task on every page!

12. Label your stuff.

This is one of our favorite family travel tips. When in doubt, label away! This refers to just about everything in your suitcase (and outside it too). An easy travel hack is to add luggage tags and labels to all your suitcases so that you’ll be able to identify them in case they get lost. Make sure to add your contact information on the labels in case someone needs to reach you.

In addition, you can also have separate labels for medication and snacks, in case of emergencies.

13. Plan your stay.

There are three options to consider while planning your stay—Airbnbs, hotels, or RVing.

AirBnbs are usually cheaper than hotels and have a more personal touch to them. Airbnbs work especially well in places where you can go on experiential trips. For instance, if you want to explore a family-owned vineyard or farm, you might get a more personal and handcrafted experience if you stay at their Airbnb instead of a nearby hotel.

While picking an Airbnb, make sure the place is kid-friendly and has all the basic amenities you might need. If you’re traveling with kids, you might need an on-site laundry service and three meals a day.

Hotels are usually more expensive but convenient for families because they have a host of amenities. Luxury hotels may also offer complimentary guided tours.

If you are looking for a more offbeat experience, consider RV-ing. Not only is this cheaper than booking flights and hotels, but your children are certain to have a vacation of a lifetime. You’ll be able to camp in exciting new locations, go on hikes and treks, and enjoy some truly unique locations. In case you’re wondering how to get started on an RV adventure, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to ensure a fun vacation.

14. Plan your meals.

Planning meals is an easy way to save money while you’re traveling. This will also make your travel a breeze; a happy tummy means a happy journey.

If you’re looking to save some money, we recommend brown-bagging your meals. Make sandwiches or pasta for the road or flight and take them along so you won’t have to splurge on expensive or unhealthy food on the way. Trail mixes and salads are healthier snacking options when compared to fast food joints on the way.

Young kids might get upset tummies if they eat too much greasy food on the way, so have some healthy snacks at the ready. Pack some granola, dry fruit, healthy (or homemade!) candy, and crackers to munch on while you’re on vacation. This way, you’ll be able to reduce some cravings and eat healthy too.

15. Get a first aid kit.

While traveling with children, having a first aid kit is very important. Such family travel tips are a must. Your kit must include first-aid staples like band-aids, gauze, and antiseptic. In addition, you can also add wet wipes, sanitizer, and a toilet kit. This will help you stay clean, safe, and healthy during your journey.

In case anyone in the family is on medication, carry spares in your kit and make a list of the medication. This will be useful during medical emergencies and can literally be a lifesaver!

You might also want to carry bug repellent and sunscreen depending on your location. Raincoats, hats, and umbrellas should be staples, especially if you’re RVing and can afford the extra space.

16. Bring a water bottle.

Carrying reusable water bottles with you is not only a sustainable choice but will make travel much easier. Disposable water bottles may be cheap by the bottle but the cost adds up if you have more family members. Give each family member a bottle for themselves; this way, you’ll teach your kids to be responsible and stay hydrated. Reusable water bottles are recommended if you’re traveling to popular tourist destinations that have a reliable water supply. You can refill at your hotel or a restaurant.

If you’re traveling to off-beat destinations, consider getting a water bottle with a filter. This will help keep dirt and bacteria at bay. Here, you might have to opt for pre-filtered bottled water.

Set regular water bottle breaks and make sure the entire family stays hydrated; children may forget to drink water if they’re excited and distracted.

17. Check your phone plan.

Another way to make traveling a breeze is to keep your phone plan updated. Before you leave, check the phone plan rates that your carrier offers. Often, you might find that local carriers offer better rates. In this case, get a phone plan that offers great internet services so you can place calls over the internet. In addition, send your new vacation phone number to your emergency contacts so that they’ll be able to reach you.

If you’re planning a long vacation, consider investing in a mobile router so that you can connect your laptops and tablets to a hotspot. This way, you’ll get uninterrupted internet in case you want to work on the move.

18. Be sustainable.

Travelling is all about making memories and having fun. But they present many learning moments for the entire family. One such moment is to learn how to travel sustainably.

For example, teach your children to clean up after they’ve had their meals outdoors. Do not litter; pick up the trash and dispose of it responsibly so that you leave the area exactly like it was before you came. This applies particularly during visits to national parks.

In addition, indulge in sustainable events like clean-ups; many vacation spots organize clean-up walks and free kayak rides. This way, you’ll get a complimentary guided tour or kayak ride while doing something responsible for the environment.

Packing responsibly for your trip also reduces the chance of unnecessary waste. If you pack reusable bags, you won’t need to purchase extra plastic bags. If you bring comfortable shoes and clothes, you won’t need to buy off-brand vacation clothes that may not be too durable.

19. Leave room for souvenirs.

While packing for your trip, make sure to leave room in your suitcases for some souvenirs. Often, filling your suitcase up with things may mean that you have to buy a separate bag or pay extra for souvenirs on your way back. This can be avoided by some proactive planning.

Before you leave, share a tentative souvenir budget and storage plan and share this with your children. By keeping them in the loop, you’ll likely avoid meltdowns while on vacation.

The Bottom Line

Be it an international trip to exotic travel destinations or a long haul across the country, these family travel tips will help you save money and plenty of time as you enjoy a vacation with the family. Even if it’s not your first trip, keep them handy as a reference so you ensure you’re not forgetting a thing.

Which advice did you find the most useful? Share them in the comments section!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top tips to keep my family vacation stress-free?

For the most enjoyable family travel, plan your trip in advance, book early, and make a checklist of things you need to carry. This will make things easier on the road.

How can I make a family trip hassle-free?

For a hassle-free family trip, make an itinerary, stick to the plan, and take brown-bagged meals and snacks so you can avoid pricey meals, minimize stops, and keep cravings at bay. Travel games also help!

What‘s a good impromptu activity to try on a family trip?

When you’re on the go with the family and want to make a pit stop for fun, try an app-led scavenger hunt or a challenge from an adventure book. These activities will make your family trip even better!

Family FunScavenger Hunts

How to Host a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt


What do you do when the sun is shining and the weather is amazing? Head out on a neighborhood scavenger hunt!

When you’re at home all weekend, indoor activities like playing cards or board games can be entertaining. But there’s nothing like stepping outside for some sunshine and fun. A scavenger hunt makes things even more interesting—you’ll be able to complete with your family, look for clues, and discover new things at every turn. You don’t need to go all the way to a national park or a garden to go on a scavenger hunt; a family walk around your neighborhood will do!

From distinct driveways and fabulous flower walkways, it’s easy to turn your neighborhood into a place of adventure. We’ll show you how you can create an easy neighborhood scavenger hunt with minimal supplies. With our helpful guide, you’ll be able to turn your family’s evening into something epic!

Explore a City Near You

When it comes to making scavenger hunts, nobody does it like the pros at We pride ourselves on making the most exciting hunts for explorers of all ages. These adventures are completely app-led, so you can pause and resume whenever you need to. Keep track of the high score with a live leaderboard as you race to the finish line and score some bragging rights!

What is a neighborhood scavenger hunt?

Simply put, a neighborhood scavenger hunt is a hunt around the neighborhood, preferably within walking distance of your house. These hunts are perfect for children. Going on a neighborhood hunt is a wonderful way of introducing the concept of scavenger hunts to children.

Besides, the learning possibilities are endless. From colors and shapes to landmarks, locations, and vocations, these hunts will help your children learn about their community. You can even do them while social distancing!

You’ll be able to walk around the neighborhood and explore your surroundings safely. These educational hunts can be easily incorporated into outdoor play, helping the little ones interact with their environment. Free printable scavenger hunts are usually available online.

Neighborhood scavenger hunts are best done with more kiddos. Get together with other parents in your area and plan a hunt so that your kids can enjoy the fresh air together. This way, you’ll also be able to make new friends and help your kids bond with each other. These activities are hands-on learning experiences, too. These hunts are easy to organize when you have someone helping you; there’s a hunt for every day, every weather, and every location!

How to Host a Fun Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Now that you know what a neighborhood hunt is, here’s how you can easily plan one.

1. Get people on board.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. A scavenger hunt is best planned with other people. Scouting out locations and writing clues may get a tad overwhelming if you’re doing it alone. This is where a few extra brains can help. In fact, you can set up a scavenger hunt planning party where the adults get together and brainstorm new ideas for the kids. Not only will you be able to bond with the neighbors, but you’ll be able to create a unique hunt that the children will enjoy.

When you get more parents on board, you’ll also be able to get a fresh, new perspective on planning the hunts. You’ll also be able to create better hunts that keep kids of all ages in mind, be it in terms of learning level and cultural factors. Besides, they might know a location that you haven’t discovered yet.

2. Set aside planning time.

While planning a scavenger hunt yourself is easy, it will take some time to get the basics right. Be it finding the right clues, making a scavenger hunt list, or scouting the perfect location, it might take an hour or two to plan all the steps. We recommend setting aside an evening to get the template right.

In case you’d like some experts to help you out, ScavengerHunt can help you create an awesome scavenger hunt at the click of a button. All our outdoor hunts come with kid-friendly options so the little ones will don’t feel left out. All you need to do is get our outdoor hunt voucher. You can redeem it wherever you want!

3. Decide on a theme.

Once you’ve got the planning gang together, decide upon a theme for the hunt. The theme will depend on the age of the children, your neighborhood, and the fun activities you’d like the kids to do. Younger kids will love themes based on colors, shapes, and numbers. Older children may enjoy themes related to movies or TV shows, like Disney, Pokémon, or Harry Potter.

4. Survey the area.

Once you’ve put together a team, it’s time to scout your neighborhood for locations. Go on a walk and find interesting spots around the area, from trees and backyards to parks and even sidewalks. Once you find something interesting, take some photos so you can come back home to write clues. While you’re there, make sure to monitor how safe the location is. This way, you’ll be able to make sure the kids stay safe and protected at all times. You don’t want the children to go too far either, so stick to the blocks around your neighborhood.

Here a few landmarks you can keep an eye out for:

  • A basketball hoop
  • A fruit tree
  • A fenced yard
  • A birdfeeder
  • A swimming pool
  • A flag
  • A bike
  • A dog
  • A driveway with a distinct car
  • A mailbox
  • A front door of a particular color
  • A neighborhood café
  • A fire hydrant
  • A stop sign
  • A leaf
  • A twig
  • An insect
  • A swing
  • A police car
  • A squirrel
  • A bumper sticker

5. Make a list of clues.

Now, for the best part! Make a list of riddles, puzzles, and trivia questions that your kids can answer. Depending on the clue you see, you can create giggle-worthy riddles and questions that the children will love.

You can DIY them by hand or create free printable neighborhood scavenger hunt sheets that you can distribute to the rest of the neighborhood. Assign points to each clue so you can keep track of scores. Make a list of hints so that you can help the kids out in case they’re stuck. You can also create a map of the neighborhood and list places—this will add to the intrigue!

Kid-Friendly Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Ideas

When it comes to neighborhood scavenger hunts, it is important to hit the sweet spot and find something that the whole family will enjoy. Our list of family-friendly scavenger hunt ideas will bring the entire family closer together.

  • Alphabet scavenger hunt: If you want your kids to learn their ABCs, take the adventure outside with an alphabet hunt. Each child must write down a name of an item for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Nature scavenger hunt: This hunt is a great tactile example for children. Give the kids tasks like painting a rock, finding a brown leaf, building a house with twigs, and picking flowers. This is a fun way to connect with nature.
  • Vehicle hunt: Ask the kids to spot vehicles of different colors. Older kids can note down the model of the vehicles as well.
  • Color scavenger hunt: Preschoolers will love this color hunt; give each child a color and ask them to collect things around the neighborhood that match it. You can give them matching crayons too.
  • Number hunt: Like the color hunt, give each child a number and ask them to note down items that match their number.
  • Disney hunt: For this hunt, ask the children to note down things that remind them of Disney princesses. Let their imagination do the talking. For instance, a snowman might remind your child about Olaf, Elsa, and Anna!

Closing Thoughts

Hosting a neighborhood scavenger hunt is a great bonding exercise for the whole family. You’ll be able to laugh and come together in new ways as you explore your community together. Scavenger hunts offer brilliant ways to get over at-home blues. Your kids will love stepping out and discovering something new!

Do you have more neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas? Shout them out in the comments section!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I host a neighborhood scavenger hunt?

Planning a neighborhood scavenger hunt involves scouting locations, finding landmarks, and writing clues. These outdoor activities are a blast! Get your neighbors on board and let the adventure begin.

What are some neighborhood scavenger hunt themes?

Alphabet and number-themed neighborhood scavenger hunts are great for younger kids. Older children will enjoy nature, vehicle, and photo scavenger hunts.

What’s the best source of ready-made scavenger hunts? offers ready-to-go city scavenger hunts, as well as indoor scavenger hunts you can do from home. They’re great activities to get kids moving and engaged in some friendly competition.

Are there any neighborhood scavenger hunt apps? offers outdoor scavenger hunts in hundreds of cities, guided by a highly-rated and easy-to-use adventure app. You can pause and resume the hunt at will, and monitor scores on a leaderboard!

Family Fun

The Best Outdoor Family Activities for Fun in the Sun


When the sun is shining, we can’t help but want to be outside! During the summer or any season, outdoor family activities have a special place in our hearts. Not only do they bring the entire family together, but they help make some great memories.

With new locations and parks opening up around the country, there are several ways you can enjoy the wonderful weather. In this article, we’ll give you some epic ideas on how you can make your outdoor family activities extra special. In fact, we’ve got 20 ideas to help you plan your next family outing!

20 Outdoor Family Activities

1. Scavenger Hunt

Make your own scavenger hunt or look to the pros for some help. offers epic outdoor hunts for the whole family. These fun activities are made for kids of all ages. There are puzzles, riddles, and activities for everyone, so even preschoolers can take part.

Monitor the city leaderboard to try to beat the high score or just enjoy the challenge. Not only will you be able to explore the best landmarks in the city, but you’ll have a lot of laughs along the way!

2. Hiking

Enjoy the best of the wilderness as you take your family on a hiking trip. Parks, lakes, and hills have hiking trails for all levels of difficulty, making them perfect for the entire family. Start with a simple trail that goes on for an hour or two. Your kids will love the change in scene and the greenery all around.

Make sure to do your research here. Pick a trail that is ideal for your children (with few inclines and paved paths). Pack some water, snacks (we love trail mix), and kid-friendly sunscreen. You’ll be good to go!

3. Picnicking

We can’t enough family picnics. When the weather looks good, head out to a local park and enjoy a picnic. Pack some sandwiches, juice, and other snacks to keep your energy high.

Take a ball or a frisbee so you can play some games. You can plan your visit so that you catch an outdoor concert or carnival. Take a coloring book along so your children will have some quiet time while outside too.

4. Geocaching

This family-friendly activity is a fun way to explore your local area. Geocaching makes walks more exciting! Similar to a treasure hunt, it involves searching for clues and solving riddles to make your way to little caches left by other enthusiasts.

Each find is unique and some are extravagant. It’s a great way to get in some physical activity and is enticing for little kids as well as older children. Even adults get addicted!

5. Trampoline Time

Outdoor family activities don’t have to be complicated. Set up a trampoline in the yard and watch kids jump their cares away. As they leap up and fall down, you can rest assured they’re having a fantastic time as they soak up some vitamin D.

This is a favorite of younger kids, but most older kids won’t turn down a trampoline. Watch as they get a little fancier with their moves.

6. Canoeing

Lots of lakes and rivers allow kayaks and canoes. Pick a nearby location and head out. Older children can get kayaks while younger children can chill with the entire family in a canoe.

There is something relaxing and comforting about going on the water. Your kids are sure to remember their first canoe ride for years to come!

7. Lemonade Stand

We don’t know about you, but most of our first paid gigs involved lemonade stands! There is no better way to introduce your child to the concept of money, trade, and saving.

Help kids set up a stand by teaching them how to make lemonade, how to price their drinks, and how to market their product. Include siblings and friends in the endeavor—you can even involve the neighbors!

Your children can save the money they made in a piggy bank, or invest it in an even bigger lemonade stand!

8. Retro Activities

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy old-fashioned outdoor play. You don’t even need to leave your own backyard. Grab a few hula hoops, create art with sidewalk chalk, and play hopscotch. You can even roller skate on the driveway!

When the sun gets a little too hot, turn on the sprinklers so you can run through the water and cool off. Use trash bags to make a DIY slip and slide. Who needs a water park?

Set up a barbecue in your backyard so that you can enjoy a delicious meal. After a day of play, cuddle up for movie night under the stars. Set up a projector facing the fence and enjoy your movie outdoors. Summertime fun at its finest.

9. Community Cleanup

Teaching your children to care for the environment is an important part of parenthood. There’s nothing better than incorporating a little community service into your outdoor family activities.

This summer, check your neighborhood for beach or park cleanups and take your children there. You can spend an hour or two pickings up plastic and other waste with your children.

When they’re done, they’ll see how long it takes to collect and dispose of waste; this will make it easier for them to learn about conversation and recycling. In the end, you can celebrate and reward all the hard work with some ice cream or chocolate!

10. Camping

Camping is one of the greatest outdoor family activities! If your children enjoy hikes, they’ll likely love camping. Pack up a tent, some snacks, and a blanket and head out to the nearest campground or national park.

If you can’t go camping outside, why not try it at home? Set up a tent in the backyard so you can spend the entire day camping there. Your kids can comfortably learn to pitch a tent in a familiar space. You can also try a teepee!

Bask in the sunshine while playing games or going on hikes. Camping is a wonderful way to get some gadget-free quality time. When night falls, roast marshmallows by the campfire. Don’t forget to make some s’mores! As the energy of the day starts to fade, sleep under the stars.

Family at the Beach

11.  Beach Day

When the weather is this nice, being at the beach is a fantastic way to spend the day. Build sand castes using buckets and pails to make innovative structures. Then, you can play some frisbee or go swimming.

In between quick dips in the sea, relax and wiggle your toes in the sand. To make the day extra special, go gadget-less and concentrate on quality time with the family.

12. Outdoor Painting

Kids are always learning from their environment. You can encourage them to learn and grow even more by asking them to paint and draw while outdoors. To do this, set up an art station in your backyard or at a park. Bring a sketchbook, colors, crayons, or paint.

Sit together as a family and draw whatever you see in front of you, be it the clouds, a curious-looking plant, or an animal. When you’re done, you can exchange your artwork and talk about what the art meant to you. Don’t forget to put up the masterpieces on your wall. Your children will love the recognition!

13. Foam Fun

Looking for laughs? Try your hand with foam games. Combine water with some ready-made non-toxic and biodegradable foam liquid or rent a professional foam machine,

If you want to do this on a small scale, you can make foam inside an inflatable pool outdoors. Go bigger by combining your foam with an inflatable castle or jumping house.

14. Relay Races

If you’re looking for competitive outdoor family activities, you can’t go wrong with relay races. Ask your children to help you design a few obstacle courses. You can use pillows, chairs, and laundry baskets to create an obstacle course in your backyard.

Once you’re done, invite the neighborhood. Make sure there’s a mix of adults and children on each team. Increase the difficulty by making one round a potato sack race. Giggles are guaranteed!

15. Water Balloon Battles

This activity is a sure win in our books. Buy water balloons from the store, fill them up, and load them into a big bucket. You could make all the same size or add some variation. Anything works!

Before you begin, establish some ground rules. For instance, throws to the face are not allowed. Have a tap-out word so that your kids can pause the game when it gets too intense. When you’re done with the game, dunk a bucket of water over your heads so you can all get drenched!

16. Cloud Spotting

This simple activity is a lovely way to get your children’s imagination flowing. Lie down under the clouds with your children one evening, and ask them what they see in the clouds.

Try to let your imagination run so that you can come up with your shapes too. You might spot animals, people, trees, or even some tech gadgets up there (we swear we saw an umbrella-shaped cloud once!). This activity will help you get a unique insight into how your children think.

17.  Kite Flying

You can club this activity right after you find shapes in the sky. This activity will keep your children engaged for a few hours because they can make the kites themselves. Before heading out, make the kites at home with your children (all you’ll need are paper, string, some bamboo sticks, and tape). Then, go outside and start flying your kite!

Try to schedule this activity with your neighbor and their kids so that everyone can fly their kites together. Decorate your kites with colorful paper and ribbons to make them stand out!

18. Gardening

If you have a backyard garden, encourage your children to get their hands dirty and learn to care for a plant. To begin with, you can ask them to water some plants. Then, they can help you spot weeds so you can pull them out. After they’ve grown confident, your children can pick veggies, pluck weeds, and plant new seeds. Before you know it, they’d have learned how to grow a green thumb!

If you don’t have a garden at home, head over to a local botanical garden. Check online for gardening and farming activities. Your children can pick veggies and leaves, and learn how to grow flowers too!

19. Bike Ride

Biking is timeless. It’s one of those go-to activities for outdoor family fun. Spending time with the kiddos traveling down a path or on a trail is exhilarating.

If you have older kids, rent some tandem bikes and have a blast pedaling through a park or city. It’ll put a new twist on an old favorite.

20. Nature Walk

If your kids enjoy nature and are looking for new things to do outside, they’re sure to love a nature walk. Collect pine cones and pebbles, look for fossils, or inspect moss with a magnifying glass. Nature is so amazing—the options seem unlimited!

You could combine this activity with #1 to create a nature scavenger hunt. Study your surroundings and come up with some ideal spots you’ll lead your little explorers. Set up rewards and take plenty of photos to make a day of it.

Closing Thoughts

There’s nothing like taking in some fresh air while the warm sun beats down upon your face. Combine that with family time and extra fun things to do and you’re in for a great time!

Our list should give you enough ideas for at least a few weeks! If you end up with cloudy or rainy days in between, try these indoor activities for kids.

Which of the activities do you want to try first? Let us know in the comment section, or tell us about your favorite fun outdoor activities. Of course, we’re partial to a scavenger hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun outdoor family activities?

From going on a scavenger hunt to painting outdoors, there are several outdoor family activities you can try. Our handy guide will help you plan the best day outdoors.

How do I get my kids to spend more time outdoors?

Try engaging them in exciting outdoor family activities, like scavenger hunts, cloud spotting, camping, even if it’s in the backyard.

What are some outdoor family party ideas?

There are many outdoor activities perfect for family gatherings. Create an obstacle course for relay races, start a water balloon fight, or set up a scavenger hunt. You could even host a foam party!