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Bachelorette Parties

20 Bachelorette Party Games to Get Your Gals Giggling

Bachelorette Party Games

If your bachelorette party is fast approaching or you’re a dutiful maid of honor planning a singles sendoff for a friend, you know that one of the highlights of any spectacular party can be the games. We say “can be” because, let’s face it, there are some duds out there. Rest assured, you won’t find any party fails on our list!

We’ve scoured the bridal archives to find only the most interactive, hilarious, and fun bachelorette party games. These picks are sure to bring lots of laughs (and maybe a little embarrassment!) to the bride and her closest gal pals.

We’re bringing you our favorite printables, twists on classic party games, drinking games, and even a few pre-gaming options for the house or hotel suite. So pour yourself a chardonnay, sit back, and let us lead you through some party games that are sure to make this a memorable girls’ night!

Send her off with a scavenger hunt!

One fun way to celebrate a future Mrs. is to take the ladies on a scavenger hunt, but planning hunts can be time-consuming, not to mention difficult. Don’t fret! Let us handle the details. knows hunts like no other and one of our specialties just happens to be planning hunts for brides-to-be and their best friends. You can search our list of available city scavenger hunts and pub crawls, or allow us to plan something just for your crew. Explore your town or a destination of your choice and say goodbye to the bride-to-be’s singlehood in style!

Pre-Gaming Fun for the Girls

These are the icebreaker games for the evening! Best played in a home or hotel suite, these activities will have your bachelorette bash off to a great start. They’re all interactive and require a bit of prep, but we promise that all of the efforts will be well worth it!

1. Wedding Ring Toss

What You Will Need

Giant Rings
Empty Wine and Liquor Bottles
Large Gift Tags with String or Elastic Loops
Marker (optional)
Crate (optional)

How to Prep

1. Rings can be purchased from a party store and sprayed metallic gold or silver, like wedding bands. You
2. Spray the bottles with glitter paint, in the bride’s colors, for extra pizzazz!
3. Arrange the bottles in the crate or wherever you choose.
4. If you are assigning different points to the bottles, use can use gift tags. Mark the point value for each with a marker and hang the tags around the bottlenecks. These Crafter’s Square Chalk-It-Up Tags with Cords from The Dollar Tree would be perfect for this party game!

How to Play

This is just like a mini version of the carnival ring toss game. Just set up your decorated bottles in a crate or wherever you’d like. Give each attendee the same number of rings and let them toss the rings to try to loop them around the bottles.

Assign different points to different bottles or simply give a certain number of points for each successful ring toss. Add up your scores at the end and see whose game was on point!

2. Lingerie Line

What You Will Need

Clothesline, Braided Rope, or Wire
Tape Measure
2 “No Damage” Wall Hangers

How to Prep

1. Each attendee should be asked to arrive with one piece of new lingerie for the guest of honor. They should be instructed to bring something that represents their own style—wild, “plain Jane,” vibrant, delicate, demure, or even raunchy!
2. Measure the location to hang your clothesline and stick “no damage” wall hangers in place.
3. Hang the lingerie line from hanger to hanger.
4. As party guests arrive, collect their lingerie pieces.
5. Pin each to the line, using clothespins.

Alternate Prep: If you are playing in an area where a clothesline is not possible, this bachelorette party game can easily be played by placing lingerie in a giant gift bag and having the bride-to-be pull each piece out, one by one, during the game.

How to Play

The bachelorette will examine each lingerie gift and try to determine who brought it. Since guests are asked to bring pieces representing their own style, the entertainment factor is in the picks. Incorrect picks (or sometimes, even correct picks) can lead to lots of laughter. Each piece of lingerie ends up being a gift for the bride!

You can easily turn this into a drinking game. Each time she guesses incorrectly, she (or everybody) drinks!

3. Weenie in a Bottle

What You Will Need

Hot Dogs (Fake dogs work!)
Ruler or Tape Measure
Bottles (with holes large enough for wieners)

You will need one bottle per guest. If the guest list is large or the bachelorette party game space is small, you can do the game in rounds with the same number of guests per round.

How to Prep

1. Decorate the bottles if you choose.
2. Cut pieces of string approximately 18″ in length. Each should be the same size.
3. Use a straw to poke a hole from one side of the hot dog to the other, about 1 to 1 /2″ down from the top of the dog.
4. Thread string through the hole and tie in a knot above the wiener.
5. Test to ensure that the weenies still fit in the bottles with the string tied around them. You can prep these the night before and store them in the fridge.

How to Play

Create a “belt” of string for any party guests without belts/belt loops. Then, tie each wiener-on-a-string to the front belt loop or front waist area of the string belts you created.

On the word “go,” each player will try to be the first to get their weenie in a bottle!

4. Ring Hunt

What You Will Need

Engagement Ring Party Favors
Materials to Make a Sign or Individual Instruction Sheets

How to Prep

1. Hide the engagement ring favors around the bachelorette party space.
2. Create a sign on poster board or a chalkboard, or create individual sheets to hand to guests or leave at seats.

How to Play

Let the guests know how many rings you have hidden and provide some obscure hints. It’s fun to let this game carry on through some of the other festivities and set a deadline for determining the winner (e.g. before you head out, before you eat dinner, etc.).

Then, watch carefully as guests sneakily try to find the rings. The attendee who finds the most rings by the deadline wins!

5. The Great Bachelorette Bake-Off

What You Will Need

Supplies for Cookie Baking
– Bowls, Spoons, and Ingredients or Premade Dough
– Cookie Decorating Items (such as icing tubes and sprinkles)
– Baking Sheet(s)
– Parchment Paper

How to Prep

Create one cookie-baking kit for each guest. All kits should include the exact same components.

How to Play

This game only works for bachelorette parties in a home or can easily be incorporated into pre-gaming festivities at a house before you head out!

Give each guest the same baking supplies and a time limit to create masterpieces. Ask them to create 1-3 identical cookies (depending on guest count and oven space). The only catch is that the cookies must fit the bridal/marital theme.

Let the bride-to-be pick her favorite cookie or favorites in multiple categories—most romantic, raunchiest, most artistic, etc. The winner gets a special prize, but you all win because you get to eat the cookies!

Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

Did someone say alcohol? These are the best bachelorette party games to play when you want to be sure your guests get a little tipsy! We start out with a classy twist on beer pong and end with some innuendos. Along the way, we’ll even tell you how to turn a bridal game into a keepsake for the new Mrs.

6. Prosecco Pong

What You Will Need

16 Plastic Wine Glasses or Goblets
10-20 Ping Pong Balls
Inexpensive Prosecco
Table (at least 2-3′ wide and 8′ long)

If you want to put your prosecco in good ol’ red Solo cups, we won’t tell!

How to Prep

1. Arrange the glasses into a diamond pattern in the center of the table (1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1).
2. Using the prosecco, fill each glass to 1/3 full.
3. Divide the guests into two teams. Each team gets 5 ping pong balls.

How to Play

This is a twist on everyone’s favorite drinking pastime—beer pong!

For the first round, have one player from each team stand at opposite ends, look each other in the eyes, and throw their first ball until one of them gets one in a cup. That team gets to throw first for each subsequent round. The player who did not sink a ball must remove the glass with the ping pong ball and drink the prosecco.

Next, let the second players come up to opposite sides of the table. Each takes turns throwing their ping pong balls, five for each player. Every time a ball goes into a glass, the opposing player must remove the glass and drink.

Keep empty glasses together at the ends of the table because, when all glasses are cleared, the team with fewer empty glasses wins the game!

7. Bottoms Up

What You Will Need

Bottoms Up Game (or a DIY version on index cards)
Alcohol (and glasses, if necessary)

How to Prep

This isn’t your typical card game! If you’re making a DIY version of the game, create a deck of cards. You can make “Just for Fun” and “Point Cards,” like the commercial game, or just do your own thing. Each card should list an activity. Keep in mind that point cards make individuals drink, while cards that are just for fun result in several people drinking.

How to Play

Bottoms Up is a fancy version of the popular drinking games “Drink If” and “Never Have I Ever.” It’s the perfect game to get to know all of the party guests a little better, or just to ensure that attendees get a little drunk.

Place the cards in the center of the playing area and choose an order of play. On each turn, the player will select a card from the deck and read it aloud. If it’s a point card and she has done the action, she drinks, keeps the card, and gets 1 point. If it’s just for fun, everyone who has done the action must drink and no one gets any points.

The player with the fewest points at the end of the game wins! Or maybe it’s the most intoxicated player. It’s hard to decide!

8. Kisses for the New Mrs.

What You Will Need

Art Supplies (paints, markers, glitter, etc.)
Tubes of Inexpensive Lipstick
Cheap Lip Brushes
Alcohol for All!

How to Prep

1. Decorate the poster board and title it “Kiss the Miss Goodbye” or “Kisses for the New Mrs.”
2. Leave the entire center area open for “kisses.”

How to Play

Ask each guest to come up to the board and leave her “smooch” on it. Make sure they’re wearing lipstick! Have a cheap few tubes and lip brushes on hand, just in case you need to supply some.

After every attendee has kissed the board, present it to the bride-to-be. She must try to guess who is the owner of each smooch. If she gets it right, no one drinks … but if she guesses incorrectly, you all drink!

Sentimental brides opt to keep the kisses as a memento from the bachelorette party. If your guest of honor might want this keepsake, consider making the kiss board small enough to frame. Guests can even sign their kisses after the game is over.

9. Bachelorette Roulette

What You Will Need

Spinner (like this Sip & Spin) or a DIY Version:
– Cardboard
– Thick Cardstock
– Plastic Container Lid
Round-Head Fastener
– Straightedge
– Art Supplies for Decorating
Shot Glasses

How to Prep

If you are making a DIY version of this game:

1. Trace the plastic lid and cut a small circle from cardboard.
2. Separate the circle into “pie pieces” and label each with an option like bride, maid of honor, matron of honor, bridal party, everyone.
3. Make a small arrow from cardstock.
4. Loosely fasten the arrow to the center of the cardboard circle. Make sure it spins!

How to Play

This is a super-simple bachelorette party game! Pass the spinner and let each guest spin to see who has to drink.

To make things a little more interesting, purchase or create a spinner with different questions or dares, interspersed with “______ drinks” options. It’s like a variation of “Truth or Dare,” but guests get to drink or dare, and the spinner chooses their fate for them. Players can either land on a question/dare or a spot that makes someone or everyone drink. This certainly makes the game last longer, which means more entertainment for everyone!

10. Porn or Polish

What You Will Need

List of Adult Film Star Names
List of Nail Polish Names
Paper for Each Guest
Writing Utensil for Each Guest

How to Prep

All you need to prep are lists of adult film stars and cheeky names for shades of nail polish! If you want, you can list them in random order, with a blank or checkboxes next to each, and print them out to let guests note their guesses.

How to Play

Pass out the printed game sheets or sheets of paper and writing utensils. As the maid of honor or a bridesmaid reads each name aloud, guests will write down (or fill in) whether the given name is the name of a porn star or a shade of nail polish. Give the answer after each name and anyone who got it wrong has to drink!

Classic Party Games with a Twist

These variations of classic party games and board games have been designed just for brides and their besties. Feel like giggly schoolgirls with “Pin the Kiss” and uncover answers to some tantalizing trivia about the bride with “Guess What the Groom Said.” Enjoy bridal-themed versions of Jenga, Taboo, and the ever-popular Christmas party ball game!

11. Pin the Kiss

What You Will Need

Kiss/Lip Stickers
Giant Poster of a Hot Celebrity
Poster Tack

How to Prep

Using poster tack, hang the poster on the wall.

How to Play

This is a bachelorette party version of the classic kids’ party game, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Instead of a donkey, you’ll be using the bride-to-be’s celebrity crush. (If you search online for this game, you’ll find several mentions of “Pin the Kiss on Ryan Gosling!”)

It’s so easy to play! Just blindfold and spin each guest and watch hilarity ensue as she tries to place her kiss sticker on the appropriate spot on the poster. You can keep this game classy, using a giant face pic, or go for a waist-up or full-body poster.

12. Bachelorette Blocks

What You Will Need

Bachelorette Jenga Game (There are several on Etsy!)

How to Prep

Set up your Jenga tower. Typically, the starting tower is created by stacking blocks in levels. Blocks are placed with their long sides touching, at a right angle to the level below.

How to Play

This is a bachelorette-themed version of party favorite, JENGA®.

The object of the game is to successfully take one block (each turn) from any tower level other than the one below an incomplete top level and place it somewhere on the top level of the tower without the whole thing crashing. The difficulty is heightened by the fact that only one hand is to be used at all times.

There is no winner! The excitement is all in the play. However, the game ends when the tower falls and the loser is the one who made it happen.

13. Guess What the Groom Said

What You Will Need

Questions About the Bride-to-Be
Answers from her
Answers from her fiancé

How to Prep

1. Create a list of questions about the bachelorette.
2. Print enough copies for the bride-to-be, her fiancé, and party guests.
3. Have the future Mrs. answer the questions about herself and ask her betrothed to answer about her.
4. Select one bridesmaid to play the role of game show host Bob Eubanks. She will have the answers and will lead the festivities.
5. Leave a sheet of questions at each seat or pass them out to guests.

How to Play

This is a guessing game similar to The Newlywed Game. The guests will be instructed to answer the questions as they think the bachelorette’s fiancé did. They’ll be given a time limit. When time’s up, the bridesmaid with the answers will go through each question and read both answers. Guests will need to keep track of all of the answers they matched to the groom’s. The player with the most points wins!

Psst … “Guess What the Groom Said” is also a great bridal shower game.

14. Don’t Say It

What You Will Need

Bachelorette Party Game of Taboo (There are several on Etsy!)

How to Prep

Set up according to the instructions of the specific game you choose.

How to Play

“Don’t Say It” is a variation of the party game of Taboo™. The object of the game is for players (in teams) to ask questions and get correct answers without anyone using words deemed to be forbidden, or taboo.

You could make a DIY version of this game, but there are so many available online, especially on Etsy, that it’s far more simple and less time-consuming to just find one you like and use it.

If you don’t want to bother with searching for a ready-made game or printables, there’s an easier way to play “Don’t Say It!” At the beginning of the bachelorette party, give all of the guests an off-limits word for the evening. Throughout the night, anyone caught saying it is out. The winner is the last guest who hasn’t used the taboo word!

15. Bachelorette Ball

What You Will Need

Lots of Little Prizes
A Roll of Plastic Wrap
A Set of Dice
Oven Mitts (optional)

Notes: Plastic wrap is traditionally used, but if you want to be kinder to the environment, consider using recyclable wrapping paper, socks for this game. You could even put those old nylon stockings to use, and those pantyhose can be recycled in many other ways.

Prizes can be anything your heart desires, as long as they are small enough to fit inside your Bachelorette Ball!

How to Prep

Roll gifts in whichever material you choose. As you roll, you are creating a bigger ball. See these videos for examples:

Plastic Wrap Ball Game
Eco-Friendly Ball Game

How to Play

Let the bride tribe go to town on the ball! Each guest takes a turn. While she unwraps, the person to her left rolls dice. When a pair is rolled, the unwrapper passes what’s left of the ball to the person on her right. She gets any gifts that have come loose and now it’s her turn to roll the dice. The game is over when the ball is completely demolished and all of the gifts have been distributed.

This game can be played with or without the unwrapper wearing oven mitts. Of course, the mitts make it more challenging.

Printable Bachelorette Party Games

16. Bridal Balderdash

What You Will Need

Balderdash Printable
Lots of Scratch Paper
Writing Utensils
Bowl or Hat

How to Prep

1. Have your Balderdash printable on hand or create a list of fun facts the bachelorette will disclose during the party.
2. Pass out stacks of scratch paper. Each guest will need at least enough scratch sheets to use one per fact.
3. Make sure every player has a pen or pencil.

How to Play

You might be familiar with Balderdash™ by Mattel. The premise of the game is to call someone’s bluff. Since its creation, people have been transforming it to fit their party needs. Take Miss Mandee, for example. She offers an easy peasy Bachelorette Party Balderdash printable game. You can search for others, but this is essentially a combination of “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” and the Balderdash board game.

The bridesmaid leading the festivities will announce the first list item. For example, “what was the bachelorette’s worst date ever?” Each guest will write what they think on a small sheet of paper. When everyone’s finished and the sheets are collected in a bowl or hat, the bridesmaid leading the game will ask the bride-to-be to reveal her answer. Then, the answers from the attendees will be read, one by one. Every player who got the answer right receives a point. The bride can also give bonus points to the funniest, most creative, etc.

Here’s the balderdashy part—at any time, the bachelorette can give a false answer. If anyone thinks she’s bluffing, they will need to shout “balderdash!” If she was telling the truth, the player loses a point. If she was bluffing, the player who called her out gets 10 bonus points!

The winner is the player who has collected the most points at the end of the game.

17. Bachelorette Bingo

What You Will Need

Bridal-Themed Bingo Cards
Bingo Markers

How to Prep

1. Find your favorite bridal bingo card printable. AllBingoCards has a bachelorette party bingo card. Alternatively, you can download a blank bridal bingo template, or design your own bingo card!
2. Print enough copies for the bride-to-be, bridal party, and party guests.
3. Distribute the cards to attendees, along with bingo markers or plain old markers.

How to Play

If you selected a blank bingo card, party guests will need to fill in the blanks. These templates require that attendees make their own bingo entries, such as drinks the bride will consume that evening. Otherwise, you can download or create a card with specific words or phrases the guest of honor might utter, characters you might encounter, activities likely to take place, etc.

Then, just as in regular games of bingo, players will mark off any spots as they happen. This game can go on all evening, until someone gets a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. You can even try for specialty bingo such as four corners or a full card.

18. Dirty Minds

What You Will Need

Dirty Minds Printable (There are several on Etsy!)
Writing Utensils

How to Prep

1. Print enough copies of your Dirty Minds template for the bride-to-be, bridal party, and party guests.
2. Make sure each guest has a printable, as well as a pen or pencil.

How to Play

This is a game of riddles. Each Dirty Minds template should come with both riddles you can print and the real answers. Players need to try to match their answers to the correct answers, but some of the guests’ guesses will end up being hilarious! Heck, the riddles themselves might have guests giggling.

When everyone’s answers are complete, the bridesmaid leading the game will announce the real answers. Attendees will receive a point for each correct guess, but half the fun comes from the reveal of ridiculous responses!

19. Marital Mad Libs

What You Will Need

Bachelorette Party Mad Libs Template
• Lined Blank Sheets of Paper or Answer Keys
• Writing Utensils

How to Prep

1. Print enough copies for the bride-to-be, bridal party, and party guests.
2. Make sure each team has! a story template, an answer key or lined sheet of paper, and a pen or pencil.

How to Play

Mad Libs is a party favorite! This printable game has certainly stood the test of time. If you’ve never played it at a bridal shower or bachelorette party, give it a go!

Start out with your printable—like this bridal shower game template from Modern MOH. Divide the guests into teams of two. There are two ways to play:

1. With an Answer Key:

The story is kept secret from all team members. The game leader passes out answer keys to each party guest. Players complete the list of blanks with the necessary nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

As each team finishes, have team members swap answer keys and ask a bridesmaid to provide each duo with a printable of the story. Allow time for the guests to complete the stories with their partners’ answers. They should not disclose any details yet.

2. Without an Answer Key:

Only one member of each team gets to see the story. She will ask the other member of the team to write down the necessary words or phrases on a lined sheet of paper by telling what is needed—noun, verb, adjective, etc.

When everyone is finished, it’s time to match up the answers with the stories. Ask each team to ready theirs aloud. Everyone wins at this game because it’s all about the laughs!

20. Find It On Your Phone

What You Will Need

“What’s On Your Phone?” Printable
• Lined Blank Sheets of Paper or Answer Keys
• Writing Utensils

How to Prep

1. Find and print your favorite printable, like this “What’s on Your Phone?” bachelorette party game printable on Etsy.
2. Give the “What’s On Your Phone?” printable to the game leader.
2. Make sure each guest has a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

How to Play

Ask the game leader to read each item aloud and inform guests of the point value at stake. Then, give the party guests time to check their phones and tally their scores.

Of course, the player with the most points is the winner!

Closing Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list! We really think these are the very best bachelorette party games out there, and we hope you’ll play a few at your next bridal bash. Better yet, plan a bachelorette weekend and squeeze them all in!

If you have a favorite hen party game, let us know in the comment section. Feel free to share any other party ideas, as well. We’d love to hear about your themes, prizes, or even bachelorette party decorations.

Don’t forget to check out the bachelorette party options! We also customize hunts for birthday parties, office events, and other occasions. Even if you don’t have a party coming up, consider a girls’ night city scavenger hunt or an in-home hunt. Or here’s an idea—gift the lucky couple with a date night hunt or a couples’ annual pass! Scavenger hunt tickets can be used for up to two years after the purchase date, so the newlyweds will have plenty of time to fit it in after the wedding day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find unique bachelorette party ideas?

This list of bachelorette party games has everything from pre-gaming to printables. It includes unique bachelorette party game ideas and classics with a twist. There are even helpful instructions for each!

What are some interactive bachelorette party games?

Pictionary and charades are popular, but we love to get a little creative! Do a ring toss with giant wedding rings and wine bottles, play “Pin the Kiss,” or try a themed bachelorette scavenger hunt!

Are there any free printable bachelorette party games?

You can find many free and low-cost bachelorette party game printables online. Word games, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, bingo, and more can be customized just for brides and their friends!

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