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Fun Date Night Ideas for Every Season

In the mood for love? We’ve got date night ideas for any time of year, as well as in-home options for those cozy nights with your other half!

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Whether you’re just beginning to date someone or you’re looking for fun date ideas for your significant other of decades, we’ve got a full list of fun date night ideas for every season. There are super affordable options for simple, cheap dates and a few that will require a little planning and extra funds. 

This list includes options for any time of year and even a few options if you want to just stay home. We’ve got outdoor dates, first date ideas, and old school date ideas. There is a perfect date for every couple on this list. Pick one or more of these fun things and celebrate your love in this new year.

Staying In? Try an In-Home Scavenger Hunt! knows that it’s not always possible to get out on the town with your significant other, and sometimes we just need a night in. Our in-home scavenger hunts are a great option to enjoy a quiet evening with your partner. You’ll share some laughs and develop a deeper connection as you conquer romantic challenges. Try one tonight!

Fun Date Night Ideas for Winter

When the temps are cold, many people spend more time inside, but there is still plenty to do to get fresh air and have some fun. These are just a few ideas for fun date night ideas for winter.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a classic winter activity. There are rinks outdoors in colder climates, but even if you live in a warm-weather spot, you can usually find open ice time at indoor rinks. Many rinks have skate rentals if you don’t have your own. You can twirl and loop around the rink for as long as you want. Hold hands, share some hot chocolate afterward, and enjoy the beauty of winter evenings. 

Enjoy a Classic Movie Theater Date Night

Dinner and a movie date is a classic date night option. It might seem like something new and exciting after a few years of many indoor theaters being closed and movies released directly to streaming services. With the new James Bond and Spiderman movies coming out, movie theaters are making a comeback. See what’s playing at your local theater and make it a fun night out. Grab dinner at a new spot, but save some room for popcorn and candy at the theater. It’s a fun way to bring a little normalcy back into life and do something fun.

Take a Cooking Class

Another great option when the weather is cold outside is an indoor cooking class. There are many virtual options if you want to enjoy this option at home. You can also check out local culinary schools for their beginning classes. There are also grocery stores and kitchen specialty shops that host cooking classes. Choose the type of cuisine you want to learn more about and sign up for yourself and your partner. 

If you’re struggling to find an establishment that hosts a class, check out Airbnb experiences to see if there is anyone locally that hosts cooking classes. This is a great way to meet other people as well. Take your new talents home and practice with each other to make sure you lock away these new skills.

Watch a Hockey Game

Hockey is a popular winter sport throughout the United States. There are 32 professional NHL teams around the United States and Canada. If there isn’t a professional team in your city, you’ll probably have access to a college team, minor league team, or amateur league. Hockey games are usually around a couple of hours and it’s so much fun to cheer on the home team. Wear your fan gear and enjoy the cheering and excitement of a hockey game for your next date.

Try a New Snow Sport like Skiing or Snowshoeing

Winter sports make for a fun date activity. You’ll usually want to plan a full day for these adventures unless you live right in the mountains or near the snow. Ski resorts are sprinkled throughout the country and there are some ski hills even in the areas that don’t have mountains. Rent the gear (or bring your own) and sign up for a lesson if this is the first time you’ve tried these sports. Learning something new together can bring you closer and give you something fun to bond over. Remember to enjoy the Apres-ski as well.

If skiing doesn’t interest you, or you have zero access to a resort, you can rent cross country skis or snowshoes from local outdoor gear stores. Hit the snowy trails and enjoy the beauty of snow-covered state parks and national parks. Just make sure to dress warmly. Bonus points if you pack a thermos filled with hot chocolate or soup to enjoy in the woods together.

Let Loose at a Dance Class

Many people think of dancing lessons or dance classes as something you should do before your wedding, but it can be a really fun date for any stage of a relationship. It gives you both the chance to move a little and have some fun. You might start off feeling a little silly, but it will be so much fun. Plus, you’ll have an excuse to take your new routines to a dance floor again in the future. Whether you choose ballroom, hip-hop, or something in between, you’ll have the opportunity to learn something together and have some fun.

Spend the Day Exploring a Museum

A great indoor date idea is a day at the museum. With art museums, history museums, and other local options, you can spend a few hours moving slowly through the exhibits and experiencing new things together. Science and history museums are fun because there are usually interactive exhibits and constantly changing things to explore. Many museums also host special adults-only activities throughout the year if you want something a little more special.

Fun Date Night Ideas for Spring

As the weather turns warmer and flowers start to bloom, you’ll be able to get out of the house a little more and do some things outside for your date nights.

Go Searching for Wildflowers at Botanical Gardens

Most major cities have a botanical garden. These are the perfect spot for a date. Beautiful gardens, greenhouses, and water features are great for strolling and taking photos. Many gardens offer special events like music in the garden where you can enjoy cocktails and fun entertainment. Check and see what gardens or arboretums are close to you to explore. One fun idea is to visit once during each season to see how the plants change throughout the seasons.

Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Spring is when farmer’s markets start back up after the winter. Plan a weekend morning date to stroll through the market. Grab some fresh flowers, sample some goods, and pick out things to make a lunch or snack on afterward. Markets are great to help support the farmers and entrepreneurs in your area. Some cities, like Seattle, also offer markets with vintage goods and art for sale. 

Try a New Coffee Shop

The spring season has longer days, so it’s the perfect time to soak up bright mornings. Do some googling and see what the best coffee shops are in your city or town. Pick one that you haven’t tried before. Grab a newspaper or stack of magazines and find a cozy spot to sip on a new drink, chat with each other, and do some people-watching. This is such a simple idea, but just exploring new neighborhoods and spots together can be fun.

Explore Your City with a Scavenger Hunt

Play tourists in your own city by trying a scavenger hunt. Download the Let’s Roam app, and you’ll be able to race, tackle trivia questions, and take silly pictures while racking up points and competing against other teams. You’ll learn some new fun facts about history and architecture. Plus, you may discover new secret spots in your city that you have never visited before, or you can explore a city near you

If you enjoy learning more about your own city, jump on a hop-on, hop-off tour bus, take a free walking tour (and make sure to tip your guide), or peruse the local options for Airbnb experiences. 

Get Your Laughs at a Comedy Show

A night out at a comedy show is a great mood booster. Sharing laughs over a couple of drinks can be a great icebreaker for first dates. This is also a fun option if you’re hanging out with a group of friends or other couples. See if there’s a local comedy club with a consistent schedule. If not, you can always catch traveling stand-up acts when they come to town.

Enjoy a Brunch Date

Another daytime date idea is a brunch date. Brunch is the perfect way to spend a few hours. The time can be flexible. You can find a spot with bottomless mimosas or just order a couple of dishes and enjoy the late morning, early afternoon weekend feeling. Walk off your brunch with a stroll in the park or settle in for a weekend nap session. Brunch is always a great meal and it can be a little more casual than a fancy dinner date.

Wander Together Through Art Galleries or Antique Shops

One fun way to spend an afternoon is to find a neighborhood that is home to a lot of art galleries and antique shops and do some fun browsing. You can find some great treasures if you take the time to slowly work through each unique shop. Most cities have a neighborhood or nearby town that is a perfect destination for an afternoon like this. Break it up with a cafe stop to snack on some appetizers. You may be the two youngest people in the area, but you’ll have a great time.

Fun Date Night Ideas for Summer

Once the weather is hot and sunny, outdoor activities are perfect for fun date ideas. Some of these are for date nights, but others can be a full-day activity. Enjoy the sunshine and have fun outdoors. 

Head to the Beach

A day at the beach is the perfect summer date activity. You can pack snacks or take advantage of any food stands at the beach. All you need to bring is a blanket, sunscreen, and maybe some chairs. What’s great about the beach is the fact that you have options. You can spend the whole day lounging in the sun or you can head into the water to splash around. Bring boogie boards or rent surfboards if you want to do something more active. You could even ask to join a beach volleyball game.

Get Your Thrills at an Amusement Park

Summer is the prime time for a trip to a theme park or amusement park. Spend your night riding the roller coasters and other thrill rides. You can also have some fun at the arcade and carnival games and take the opportunity to win a souvenir to take home. Many parks have fireworks or live shows that you can enjoy. It will be a fun adventure where you can let your inner child out and enjoy some laughs and thrills.

Go Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a perfect summer afternoon or evening date activity. Most wineries offer tastings and you can sit outside with views of the vines. Many places offer snacks and cheese plates to order or allow you to bring your own snacks with you. You can visit more than one winery if there’s an area near you that has multiple. Plus, you can purchase a bottle of wine from your favorite tasting and enjoy it on your next date or save it for a special anniversary in the future.

Take a Neighborhood Walk to the Ice Cream Shop

A great cheap date is a visit to a local ice cream shop. You can each order something different and share or split a sundae. You can even get really cheesy and order a malt or shake with two straws. This is the perfect way to get out of the house and connect on a warm summer evening. Local ice cream shops usually have a great variety of flavor options, plus you can find vegan ice cream places now that are completely dairy-free. This would be a date night you could repeat weekly throughout the summer and give yourselves something to look forward to and an excuse to spend some time together.

Sample Snacks From a Few Food Trucks

Does your city have a food truck park? Nashville, Austin, New York City, Portland, Miami, and more cities around the country have designated spots where food trucks can be set up in one area. These spots are amazing because you can eat outside and sample food from multiple trucks. Maybe you want to start with a vegetable appetizer, order some tacos, some BBQ, and some sushi. This is the beauty of a spot like this is you can enjoy a little bit of everything for a great price. Some of the areas have drinks available to order as well and even live music. Find your favorite food truck and check their schedule to see if they ever set up in one of these spaces.

Plan a Movie Night at the Drive-In

As of 2020, there were still 321 drive-in movie theaters in the United States. See where the closest one is to your location and plan a date night there. The drive-in usually shows two or three movies each night. You can bring your own snacks, drinks, and comfortable items to settle in. There are also snack stands where you can get the classics like popcorn and soda. Just claim your spot, sit back and enjoy the show.

Try a New Hike Near You

Hiking is a great date activity. No matter where you live, you are close to hiking trails. Explore a new city park, find the state park that is closest to you, or take a further drive to another landscape. Hiking is a free activity (unless you have to pay for parking or park admission fees) and you already have sneakers that will work perfectly. Get outside, move your body, and have zero distractions to really connect with one another. Plus, you’ll feel super accomplished once you’re done and can find a spot for food and a beverage.

Have a Little Friendly Competition at Mini Golf

If golf is a little too overwhelming for you, invite your partner to play a round of miniature golf with you. Friendly competition can be really fun on a date. Most spots with mini-golf also have some arcade games or other outdoor activities that you can try while you’re there. It’s a simple and wonderful date night idea for those beautiful summer evenings.

Go Kayaking 

Paddling around a lake or river is a great date idea. You can find lots of rental places at many locations. You can each get your own vessel or opt for sharing one. Paddling and steering can definitely help you work on your communication and coordination skills with one another. It’s nice and quiet out on the water and you can sit back and enjoy each other’s company while getting a nice workout in. In addition to kayaks, you can try canoes, paddleboats, or rowboats depending on what is available to rent in your area.

Pick Up Concert Tickets

Summertime is when many bands go on national tours. You can find all kinds of concert venues to explore. Large acts often play at baseball stadiums and football stadiums. You can also find smaller venues with local bands or lesser-known acts. If you’re really brave, you could try a band that neither of you has listened to before and enjoy the experience together. Concerts are always a great date night idea, but there’s something about outdoor venues in the summertime with cold drinks, stars, and great music that make it extra special.

Fun Date Night Ideas for Autumn

As the air starts to cool again, many people are trying to sneak in as many outdoor activities as they can before winter comes again. These ideas would be perfect in the fall if you’re planning a fun date night or afternoon.

Take a Leaf Peeping Road Trip

If you live in the city, you might not get to experience much of the fall foliage each year. Consider packing up a cooler, filling the car with gas, and taking a road trip to an area that has a lot of trees and changing colors. There are many incredible spots for doing some leaf-peeping in the United States. Make sure to bring a camera and stop anywhere with a good view. Good music is also important for a road trip, so plan for both of you to make a playlist to share on your trip.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard

Two popular crops in the fall are apples and pumpkins. Visit a local farm and spend a few hours picking apples to stock your kitchen at home. You can also pick out pumpkins once you get to October and the Halloween decorating begins. Choose one together that you can both carve later. The farms usually have great snacks, other fun farm activities, and enough to keep you entertained for at least a few hours. Make sure to grab the apple cider donuts if they are available. 

Use Your Brains at a Trivia Night

Fall is back to school time, so why not celebrate by putting your brains to work? Trivia nights happen in bars all over the place, so you can look up local schedules in your area. These events usually allow you to work in teams, so you can bring a group or just your date. Order some drinks and do a deep dive into movies, science, history, and other random trivia. There is usually some type of prize for the winning team, so you could even score something extra. 

Plan a Double Date to an Escape Room

Escape rooms are popping up in strip malls and downtowns all over the place. Each one has its own themes and rooms to explore. The idea is that you and a small group of others get locked in a room for a certain time limit and you want to work together to solve puzzles and find clues to order to solve the mystery and escape. If you make it out in under the allotted time, you win. It’s a great opportunity to work together and have some laughs. Plus, who doesn’t want a date where you’re locked in the same room and can’t get out? 

Try Some New Breweries

Autumn is a great time to sit outside and sample beers. Plan a day where you do some beer tasting by visiting breweries and ordering flights. You’ll get around five smaller glasses of various types of beer that you can taste. Breweries come in all shapes and sizes. Some have board games you can play, others have outdoor games like beanbags and bocce ball, and there are even some that have live music and food trucks on certain days. It’s a great casual date idea that would be perfect in the fall.

Schedule a Relaxing Couples Massage

A massage is always a good idea. In the fall, everyone is starting to deal with the stress of going back to school, planning holiday schedules, and missing the summer. Plan a spa date with a couples massage and maybe a facial or mud bath. It’s relaxing and refreshing, so it’s the perfect way to treat yourself and your partner.

Have a Bonfire and S’Mores Night

Autumn nights are not too cold to be outside, but they are better spent around a bonfire. Set up a romantic fire in your backyard or at a park where there are fire rings (many beaches have these too). Bring all the fixings to make s’mores including the classic graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate bars, plus you can bring fun and unique options for this treat like Reese’s peanut butter cups and Andes mints. Roast the marshmallows and tell ghost stories or just sit together and enjoy the warmth of a beautiful fire.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

With the COVID pandemic still part of our daily news cycle and cases spiking in specific areas, it’s always good to have some fun date night options available at home for any time of year.

Snuggle In for a Netflix Movie Night

The streaming services, like Netflix, just continue to pump out original movies and content. Make a list of the new movies and TV shows that you want to watch together and then plan for a night to do just that. Put your phones away and cuddle up on the couch with the lights off and snacks nearby to have a movie night right in your own living room. 

Plan a Bucket List of Future Getaways

Daydreaming is not usually an activity you’d think of for a date, but you can change that. Plan a night where you share a bottle of wine and some dinner and dream about all the places you want to explore together in the future. You should each have a piece of paper and a pen and you can make your list and then compare. Have fun planning out which of these adventures you want to do next and all the activities you want to do. If you don’t love traveling, you can make a fun bucket list of restaurants you want to try, new places you want to explore in your city, or really anything you can do together. It’s fun to have a specific conversation topic to get deep on.

Do Some DIY Crafting

Crafting may seem like something to do with kids, but it can definitely be a fun date night idea you can do at home. Check YouTube for tutorials on how to paint your own masterpiece. You can also take on a baking project or work together to build something like a birdhouse. The internet has something for every skill level and you can search just based on the supplies you already have. Have fun creating something together and display it somewhere special.

Enjoy a Date Night in the Backyard for Stargazing

Prep for the weather and head out in the backyard to do some stargazing. Download one of the free apps for your phone that will help you identify constellations and planets in the night sky. Lay on a blanket and watch for shooting stars. Maybe you live somewhere that even offers the chance to see the Northern Lights. You don’t have to be an expert or have a fancy telescope on hand. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Stay In and Play Board Games

We mentioned above how fun it is to have a little friendly competition on your date nights. You can easily bring that home and take out the board games for a game night. Classic board games like monopoly, scrabble, battleship, and card games are perfect for an at-home date night. Puzzles are another great activity for those nights at home where you want to do something different than the usual routine.

Tell Us Your Favorite Date Night Ideas

Leave us a comment below and tell us what date night ideas are your favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any romantic date ideas that take place outdoors?

Any fun outdoor activity can be turned into a fun date night idea. Go on a scavenger hunt, take a hike, paddle in kayaks, or lie on the beach for the day. Just make sure to focus on each other!

How can I make a date night at home special and fun?

There are many great date night ideas you can try at home! Pull out all your favorite classic board games, grab some art supplies for a craft night, or have fun with an in-home scavenger hunt!

What are some unique date ideas for a married couple?

Looking for date night ideas? Explore a different part of town together with a scavenger hunt! You could also try a new activity together, like karaoke, horseback riding, or taking a class.

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