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Scavenger Hunts

Why Spring Is a Great Time To Enjoy an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt


Winter is officially over, and we have a spring in our step! While everyone has a favorite fun activity for every season of the year, spring scavenger hunts have our hearts. Spring is the time of year when the snow melts, the sun comes out, and there’s joy all around. This time of year also offers excellent weather to head outdoors for some epic activities. We love spring so much that we’ve put together a list of all the reasons you should make the most of the outdoors during this spectacular season. As a bonus, we’ve added some festivals to look out for. Let’s get blooming!

Scavenger Hunt in Springtime (or Anytime!)

Whether you’re looking for something to do this spring or any other time of year, you’ll love our city scavenger hunts! In the mood for a cold one? Try a pub crawl. Looking for a spooky ghost hunt? We’ve got you! Interested in art? How about a mural hunt? All of these options are available in more than 400 locations worldwide through our innovative and intuitive scavenger hunt app! We have options from New York to New Zealand. We even offer indoor adventures for rainy days!

Why is spring made for scavenger hunts?

1. Warmer weather

Shed those winter blues and get ready to embrace the sun. Spring brings pleasant weather its way. It hits the sweet spot between freezing winters and scorching summers. This means you can shed the sweaters and get your summer clothes on. While we love our cozy winter fits, we stan some springtime pastel colors too. This is the best time to head outdoors for a fun scavenger hunt activity. It’ll help your kiddos hone their observation skills, and your little ones will love the treasure hunt!

2. More daylight hours

Spring brings you more hours during the day. Let’s talk science—the spring equinox occurs when the path of the sun crosses the equator. Usually occurring on the 20th of March, this marks the beginning of spring. When the sun crosses the equator and heads north, our days get longer. This means longer days. Additionally, you can get your natural dose of Vitamin D as you bask in the sun. You can pick your fav kids’ activities from this list of scavenger hunt ideas, which are ideal for preschoolers, and even find some free printable spring scavenger hunt options while you’re at it.

3. Snow no more

We love snow just as much as everyone else (snow angels are fun!) But once the snow melts, you can go on long walks to your heart’s content. You can also save the time spent shoveling your driveway by spending some quality time with your kids. You can opt for a scavenger hunt printable for kids, or try some adventures for pre-K kids.

4. Birds everywhere

There’s something special about waking up to birds chirping. Spring marks the end of the migratory season. Most birds migrate to warmer weather during the winter and fly back north when spring arrives. This means you’re more likely to spot colorful birds and their distinctive calls on your morning walk or incorporate bird identification challenges on your next hunt.

5. Cherry blossoms galore

Nothing says ‘Spring is here’ more than the charming colors of cherry blossoms, flanked by dandelions. This season lasts for a few weeks and is certain to bring a smile to your face. The unmistakable hues make for some stunning photo ops. A picnic under the pink blooms is a wonderful place to pop the question!

6. Great time to increase activity

No more sweating in the living room. Now that spring is here, you can head out to work out. Go on a jog, pick a hiking trail, or do some yoga as the cool spring air gently blows over you. A spring scavenger hunt can be quite a fun workout too! 

7. Butterflies!

Need we say more! If flowers bloom, butterflies will follow. Not only is spring the season of flowers, but you can spot hundreds of butterfly species while on an outdoor scavenger hunt. If your home has a garden, you’re certain to spot some colorful butterflies and buzzing bees hanging around. Make your way to a botanical garden with your kids to learn more about these cute critters.

8. Cute baby animals

This one is a kids’ favorite. Spring is the season of baby animals—animals give birth when the weather gets warmer after a long winter. Depending on your location, you might encounter some on your outdoor adventure! Who doesn’t love baby birds, ducklings, tiny squirrels, wee chipmunks … Nature walk scavenger hunt anyone?

9. Better moods

Studies have shown that people are happier in spring. This is because exposure to natural light regulates serotonin production in your body. Serotonin is the happy chemical that influences your mood and disposition. This means you’re more likely to be cheerful and happy in spring.

Not only does sunlight influence serotonin, but it regulates your sleep cycle too. This is because sunlight regulates the production of melatonin in your body. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. The more natural light you get, the more regulated your hormones are, and the better you sleep. Better sleep means more energy for scavenger hunting!

10. Green everywhere

They say spring has sprung for a reason. After barren branches in winter, spring is when green grass grows everywhere, and trees are full of green leaves. With blooms in every branch, this sets the tone right for a bountiful summer harvest. This is the best time to enjoy the beautiful hues of green you’ll find, even when you’re scavenger hunting in the city!

Spring Holidays Fit for Hunts

1. Carnival/Mardi Gras

It’s Carnival time! Mardi Gras is the perfect time to get your springtime colors out. Take part in a parade, wear your feathers, and dance the night away at a street party. Be it in New Orleans or New York, you’ll be able to enjoy spring activities just about everywhere on this joyous day.

2. Women’s Day

Share some love with the women in your love on this favorite holiday. Be it your wife, mum, sister, daughter, friend, or colleague, it’s never too late to show some appreciation. Take them out for a fun activity like a meal, gift them something wholesome, or go on a scavenger hunt with your girls. Today (much like any other day) is your day!

3. St. Patrick’s Day

Bring Ireland to your doorstep on this charming holiday. Check out your nearby pubs for a night of drinking and partying. Let’s Roam offers pub crawls in several cities. Put on your top hat and go hunting for leprechauns in a fun way. Who knows, you might find gold at the end of the rainbow? And if you’re headed to Dublin this Paddy’s Day, don’t forget to get tickets for our Dublin scavenger hunt!

4. April Fool’s Day

If there was a holiday made for scavenger hunts, this would be it. OH! The fun you could have! Think of all of the trickery you could pull on friends by purposely adding some hilariously misleading clues on your adventure. It’s too perfect!

5. Earth Day

What better way is there to celebrate Earth Day than to get out there and see what Mother Nature has to offer? Consider a spring nature-themed hunt! It would be a fabulous and unique outdoor adventure for this special day. You could even wear some gloves and pick up trash along the way.

6. Mother’s Day

Show your mom some love on this charming holiday. Send her some flowers, bake her a cake, and go on a family picnic. You can also opt for a wholesome family scavenger hunt for some quality time together. We can customize our hunts to include some inside jokes and family trivia too!

7. Easter

There’s something irresistible about going on an Easter egg hunt. It’s very much like a scavenger hunt for kids! Just tuck some riddles into a few eggs and send the kiddos on a hunt for special rewards. There’s not a child in the world who wouldn’t love that!

8. Passover

A scavenger hunt might not be the first way you think of to celebrate Passover, but what about customizing a hunt for kids to find the afikomen? Write clues with riddles related to the Seder plate! There are some resources online to help with this, or you could contact to help you work out the details. Email our team or give us a phone call at 1 (844)-831-HUNT (4868).

9. Star War’s Day

May the Fourth be with you! Yep, that’s right—this holiday falls on the 4th of May. Star Wars Day is undoubtedly an iconic day for young padawans and stormtroopers around the world. Let us help you customize a scavenger hunt to help you celebrate!

10. Cinco de Mayo

This Mexican holiday is now a favorite in the USA for many reasons. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Mexican culture on a themed scavenger hunt. When you’ve conquered all of the challenges, treat yourselves to some margaritas!

Closing Thoughts

So, with all those reasons and occasions in mind, are you ready for your spring scavenger hunt? When planning yours, if you want to be frugal, you can always try to find free printables and online worksheets to help with your clues. Before you do, take a look at what we have to offer on our indoor and outdoor hunts. They’re inexpensive, a blast for all ages, and always memorable.

Our carefully curated hunts are filled with tricky riddles kiddos love to solve and giggle-worthy photo ops for all ages. If you’re looking more for a date night activity, while the little ones are occupied, use some tickets on a couples’ hunt. We offer annual passes for families or couples! doesn’t stop after spring and summer. Brave the cooler weather with a fall scavenger hunt or check out the cities on our scavenger hunt list and pick one for your next vacation destination! If you’re not sure how to prepare, our handy guide on what to carry on a scavenger hunt should help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What season is best for a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger hunts are fun year-round but make terrific summer or spring adventures! There are more daylight hours and you’re likely to have better weather—ideal conditions for a new favorite pastime.

What are some kids activities for spring?

From a spring scavenger hunt to a charming picnic in the park, spring and summer are prime for outdoor activities. It’s the best time for kids to get outdoors and explore their surroundings!

Are kids allowed on Let’s Roam spring scavenger hunts?

Absolutely! Bring the kids and let them explore a city near you in a new way. Children love the challenges. Just be sure to designate a scavenger hunt role for any children over 6.

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