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The Best Places for Couples to Travel for Fun, Adventure, and Connection

Having trouble finding a vacation destination you and your partner agree on? These are the best places for couples to travel for romance and adventure!

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Planning a trip with your spouse or significant other isn’t easy. One of you wants adventure, while the other one wants a romantic weekend. It’s not always simple to agree on the perfect vacation destination that will satisfy you both, but look no further! We have an epic list of the best places for couples to travel for adventure, fun, and connection!

Share in the Experience of a Scavenger Hunt

Whether you need an activity for a date night or want a fun-filled way to see cities while you travel the world, offers hundreds of super fun scavenger hunts that are perfect for any occasion! Engage in a little competition with other couples or combine forces as you fight your way to the finish line. Each experience is sure to bring you closer and help you learn about new and exciting places!

The Best Places for Couples to Travel

Take a Hike

Not every couple enjoys the typical romantic getaway. Some of us are bored at the beach and overwhelmed by the city. If this sounds like you, and you want to spend your vacation in the great outdoors, surrounded by natural beauty, check out one of these adventure vacation spots.

1. Lycian Way-Fethiye to Antalya, Turkey

Turkey is a magical land full of wonderful landscapes,  historic cities, and charming villages. Plus, it has some seriously beautiful Mediterranean beachfront. It’s also home to one of the best historical treks in the world. The Lycian Way is a hiking trail composed of mule paths and stone roads tracing an ancient merchant trade route. A well-marked, 356-mile hike takes you through lands once ruled by the Ancient Lycians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans, among others. This multi-cultural lineage has produced a rich culture and some seriously awesome historical sites. 

The 29-day journey starts in Hisarönü, near Fethiye and ends in Geyikbayırı, in the region of Antalya. Accommodation can mostly be found in cities and villages along the way, though three mountain passes will require camping. Along with the stunning views of the Taurus mountains, you will be treated to the Myra Rock tombs, the ancient theater of Antiphellos, the Eternal Flame of Chimera, and countless beautiful beach coves. If you are adventurous, start your journey at Oludeniz with one of the world’s most famous paragliding jumps. 

If this hike sounds too extreme, consider stopping your hike near Gazipasa Airport and hop a quick flight to the ultimate couple’s getaway: the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. Explore the magical landscape on a sunrise hot air balloon ride and rest your tired body in the hot tub of an ancient cave hotel. For adventure lovers, we can’t think of a better romantic getaway.

2. Page, Arizona 

The beauty of Arizona and Utah is no secret to any hiking lover. To explore this extraordinary area, we would suggest making Page, Arizona your home base. Explore Horseshoe Bend. Rent a houseboat on Lake Powell or a white-water raft on the Colorado River. The outdoor adventures in this area are neverending. 

One of the best hikes in the area starts at Wire Pass Trailhead. Explore 15 miles of tranquil narrows, in one of the world’s longest slot canyons, Paria Canyon. The landscape engulfs you in a red rock world of 500-foot cliffs, crested waves of stone, and ancient petroglyphs. If you still have some time in your trip, head north to one of Utah’s five national parks, or road trip south to the luxury resorts of Sedona for a couples massage. Sedona is a foodie haven full of art galleries, and more epic hikes! North or South, this area is one of America’s most beautiful honeymoon destinations. 

3. Wonderland Trail, Mt. Rainier, Washington

Washington is one of the USA’s most beautiful states and one of the most romantic places to get outdoors with your loved one. Pacific Ocean Views, rainforest, and the micro-breweries of Seattle are all big draws! But, the incredible views of the mountains are Washington’s crown. 

For true trekkers, there is no better couple’s vacation than taking on the 93-mile Wonderland Trail at Mount Rainier National Park. Mount Rainier is one of the most stunning landscapes in the USA, and there are a plethora of trails running through the park offering panoramic views of glaciers, waterfalls, wildflower fields, and alpine lakes. However, Wonderland Trail offers a challenge. Though it does not summit the mountain, it has a total elevation gain of over 22,000 feet. The hike takes anywhere from 10-14 days and will take you through all the aforementioned landscapes of Rainier. July to September is the best time, and you will need to apply for a permit as early in the year as possible, deadline of April 1.

4. Camino Primitivo, Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is one of the most famous and crowded pilgrimages in the world. There are several routes to get the endpoint: The Shrine of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. However, the least crowded and arguably most original is the Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela. Start your 230-mile journey in Oviedo, Spain, and cross the 8,000-foot summits of the Cantabrian Mountains. Pass the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lugo and its unique fully-intact Roman wall. Eat yummy Spanish food in hundreds of beautiful small towns like Melide, where you can also stock up on snacks in the local market. Enjoy the comradery of other travelers and rest your head in the traditional albergues (pilgrim hostels). There’s no better way to connect with your significant other than a long hike with a stunning view.

Explore a City

If spending your romantic weekend or vacation hiking, sounds horrible to you, perhaps one of the world’s great cities is calling your name. New York City, Rome, and New Orleans are great choices, but they aren’t the only ones.

5. San Francisco, California

The colored rowhouses and cable cars of San Francisco make for a perfect weekend getaway. Pair it with a trip to Napa Valley or Yosemite National Park and you have one impressive couples vacation. San Francisco is not only lovely, but it also offers a ton of sightseeing. Did you know it has the largest Chinatown in the USA? In fact, it’s the largest outside of Asia! Visit Alcatraz prison. Hike to Two Peaks Overlook for an incredible view of the city and the Pacific Ocean. Visit the Palace of Fine Arts. Have tea at the romantic and historic Fairmont Hotel. San Francisco is a beautiful city where you can stack your itinerary with tourist sights or relax in a luxury hotel and occupy yourself with other romantic things. Either way, put San Francisco on your bucket list!

Let us help you explore San Francisco with one of our fun app-guided Scavenger Hunts! On this hunt, we’ll take you and your boo through the historic and heavily-touristed area of Fisherman’s Wharf, solving puzzles, visiting historic landmarks, and completing insane challenges!

6. Prague and Třeboň, Czech Republic

Prague rivals any European city for charm and romance. Stroll the meandering streets by day, exploring Old Town Square, Prague Castle, and St. Vitrus Cathedral. Gawk at incredible Gothic and Renaissance architecture on every side. The nightlife in Prague revolves around hearty food, and the world’s best beers (just ask any Czech). Have a traditional pig’s knuckle, washed down with a few lagers. Grab an ice cream and take a hand-in-hand, evening stroll along the Vlatava River, crisscrossing the city on its elegant stone bridges. 

To add a little more romance to your Czech getaway, head for the natural spa town of Třeboň, and cover each other in stinking peat moss. People have been coming to the area for centuries for the smelly treatments, renowned for their healing properties, so you know they must be good. The town is adorable too, with its Baroque pastel houses. It feels like something out of a fairytale.

7. Paris, France

Paris is one of the most famous couple’s vacations of all time, but it’s with good reason. The “City of Lights” is home to some pretty iconic sightseeing. Opera Garnier might be the opulent building in the world. Notre Dame is a marvel, holding firmly its place next to the Seine River since 1163. The arrondissement of Montmartre will entertain you with the world’s oldest and best cabarets. If cabarets aren’t your thing, get fancy and take your significant other to one of Paris’s great theatres or a night at Opera Bastille. There is a stunning Gothic cathedral around every corner, more Michelin Star restaurants than you count, and the lingering smell of chocolate croissants fills the air. Predictable or not, Paris is still one of the most romantic places to visit with your partner.

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a charming maze of terracotta tile roofs and medieval stone walls, situated elegantly on the cliffs of the Adriatic Sea. Its beauty has been the backdrop for both Star Wars and Game of Thrones. It has all the beauty of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, at half the price. The city’s walls are walkable and provide incredible views over the sea. Old Town is adorable with its bell tower and tiny alleys, filled with shops and restaurants. Wine bars serve up beautiful vinos from both Croatia and nearby Montenegro, which will surprise and delight even the pickiest wino. Dubrovnik is also an easy day trip to other coastal cities, like Split, or the peacock-covered island of Lokrum. Get out and explore. Croatia is gorgeous! We suggest you don’t miss the hot springs of Istarske Toplice, the capital city of Zagreb, and the waterfalls and walkways of Plitvice Lakes National Park. 

Charm Your Love

If the big city isn’t your thing either, then take your loved one to one of the world’s most charming small towns. Explore local craft shops, farmer’s markets, and easy, small-town life. 

9. Halstatt, Austria

You have likely seen pictures of charming Halstatt filling your Instagram account in the fall. The little town with its picturesque mountain backdrop and perfect church steeple seems to be everywhere. Halstatt sits on the Hallstätter See, an incredible alpine lake popular for flat-bottom boating, diving, and fishing. It also happens to be surrounded by the most adorable 16th-century timber homes.

A 3-minute ride on the funicular will take you to the 7,000-year-old salt mine, from which the region gets its name. Explore all the incredible overlooks and viewpoints, of which there are many! Take in the majestic Dachstein Caves, with their ice sculptures and gigantic icicles. Wander Old Town and take in the fresh mountain air. Halstatt is just a stopover for most people on the route from Vienna to Salzburg, so evenings and mornings are tranquil and perfect! Halstatt is popular at certain times of the year and only has a few resorts and some Airbnbs, so book your accommodation early.

10. Bibury, Cotswolds England

The Cotwolds conjure images of stone houses, stacked upon each other, surrounded by rock pathways and the natural beauty of the English countryside. Bibury, a small town in Gloucestershire, fulfills your every Cotswold fantasy. It’s so picturesque that the UK government features its iconic Arlington Row in its passport! The row of 14-16th century weaver’s cottages flanks the River Coln and the green meadows of the surrounding country. Bibury has been awarded “most charming” awards by everyone from the Huffington Post to Fox News. It is the perfect base for exploring the area. Several of the old cottages and mills have been refurbished as vacation rentals and the Swan Hotel is both traditional and indulgent! Bibury is truly one of Europe’s most romantic places!

11. Reine, Norway

Reine, a sleepy fishing village, in the Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway, is heaven on earth. Not only is it a great place to hunt for the Northern Lights,  but it is also a laidback destination for a couple’s vacation. Though it isn’t the easiest area to get to, Reine is absolutely stunning. Red barn-like homes, set against snowy landscapes with island mountain backdrops, delight the eye and create a feeling of complete calm. 

Schedule a whale-watching tour. Go fishing with the local fisherman, or kayaking in the incredible Reinefjord. Biking, hiking, and birdwatching are also popular on the islands. For a true experience, book a stay in a rorbu (a traditional fisherman’s cottage). 

12. The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are an independent part of Denmark, located between it and Iceland. The 18 volcanic islands are interconnected by ferries and bridges, creating a chain of perfection for birdwatchers and hikers. The turf roof homes of the Faroe’s charming villages are surrounded by rolling green hills and plenty of adorable family-owned accommodations. Most of the villages have between 50 and 70 residents, with larger towns like Porkeri, boasting a whopping (almost) 400! It’s stunning. It’s quiet, and we can’t think of a more romantic getaway.

Join the Party

If these last four destinations have you bored to tears, no worries, the next four are filled with vibrant nightlife, rich cultures, and legendary parties.

13. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s lively capital city. During the day, you and your significant other can stroll the Plaza de Mayo, with its 19th-century, stunning architecture, including the pretty pink arches of the presidential palace, Casa Rosada. Visit Teatre Colón, the 1908 opera house, and view the Latin American art of the MALBA museum. Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with beautiful public gardens, rotating footbridges, and grand monuments. There and plenty of sights to fill your day, but BA is all about the nightlife!

Mendoza Argentina is famous for Malbec wines, so elegant wine bars and lounges are not hard to find. No matter what neighborhood you visit in BA, you can be sure it will have a sports bar, Irish pub, cocktail lounge, and probably even a microbrewery. On the weekend, Buenos Aires boliches (nightclubs) come alive with sparkling, barely-there dresses and incredible thumping beats. BA’s old warehouse, theatres, and factories have all been restored to modern, over-the-top nightclubs. Watch the sun come up on the Rio de la Plata, as the party finally comes to an end. Dinner in Buenos Aires doesn’t even start until 10 pm, so don’t plan on any early nights! 

14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio hosts this little celebration every year called Carnival, don’t know if you have heard of it, but like, it’s kind of a big deal! Carnival is held just before lent, usually ending on Ash Wednesday, just in time to repent of the revelry. It is the world’s largest street party, with over 2 million people a day filling the streets of Rio and the official festivity home, the Sambadrome. Over 200 Samba Schools come together to present floats, traditional dances, and costumes like you have never seen! Samba Schools are Brazilian dancing and marching clubs, that are responsible for helping keep the culture alive. They are made up of representatives of hundreds of favelas across Brazil. 

Rio also happens to be home to one of the current Seven Wonders of the World, the Christ the Redeemer statue, famous Copacabana Beach, and the beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain. If you and your partner want a vacation filled with excitement, new cultural experiences, and a lot of dancing, then Rio de Janeiro is your place! 

15. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is a modern strip of high-end shopping, luxurious resorts, and fabulous restaurants on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico. Spend your days basking in the sun on perfect white sand beaches and your nights at one of the many hotel bars and clubs lining 5th Ave. Just walking down the street in Playa is a party, with costumed vendors ready to snap a photo or share a free tequila shot any time of day!

What we love about Playa is that you can have all the parties you want on the oceanfront, but if you venture into the local part of town, you can enjoy traditional Mexican food at great prices, stock up on fresh groceries as the local markets, and even get your laundry done at the local lavanderia. They will expertly remove those spilled wine stains from last night!

Playa del Carmen is also the ferry hub to reach the glorious island of Cozumel, where you can partake in some of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling and scuba diving. Visit the crocodiles in the Punta Sur Reserve, and explore the secluded beaches of the rugged east side of the island.

16. Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is the stunning Greek Island where restaurants and bars tumble down the hillside towards the Mediterranean, leaving barely room to walk between the crowds of cocktail drinkers and the waves. Its incredible sunset, pouring golden light the over ancient white-washed homes and windmills of Little Venice is the perfect place for dinner, after a day of exploring. Then the real fun starts! 

The nightclubs of Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are loud and open late, and it’s not uncommon for beach parties to go all night! Boutique hotels line the shores and small ferries and boats will hop you from beach party to beach party. You can party at a different beach every night if you want! Mykonos has something for everyone. While very crowded with cruise ship visitors by day, it does clear out some at night and becomes more laidback and enjoyable. 

Drink Some Wine

For those who prefer a little class with their drinking, perhaps one of the wine capitals of the world would suit your tastes!

17. Georgia

The nation of Georgia is nestled in the Caucasus Mountains and is fast becoming a destination for foodies and winos. It has been labeled “the oldest newest wine region in the world.”  In fact, the name Georgia is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “farmer.” Georgia has been harvesting grapes for over 8,000 years, but recently the world is taking note! You may find that you don’t recognize the wines here though. They have funny names like Chinuiri, Saperavi, and Rkatsiteli. You probably won’t find any Cabernets or Merlot in Georgia’s wineries. 

Fly into the charming capital city of Tbilisi and spend a few days exploring its beautiful Old Town with numerous stunning churches and monuments. Rent a car, and road trip to the mountainous, wine region of Kakheti. Plant yourself in the stunning town of Sighnaghi and spend a few days indulging in the best wines, views, and Supra(traditional feasts) that Georgia has to offer! You may want to take a few hikes in the glorious Caucasus Mountains to burn off some of that wine and khachapuri.

18. Tunisia

Tunisia? Really? Yep! This North African beauty is primo wine country, and it makes sense if you stop and think. It’s only a few miles from Sicily and shares Mediterranean Coast with Italy and France. The predominantly Muslim Tunisia’s wine industry has been historically slowed down by Islam’s view on alcohol consumption, but those days are changing. The capital, Tunis, was even recently on the New York Times “52 Places to Visit.” 

Take a visit to Sidi Bou Said, very near ancient Carthage, and explore the cobblestone streets and shopping stalls near the Ennejma Ezzahara Palace. You will have to continually convince yourself that you aren’t on a Greek Island with all the white architecture and blue doors! Visit ancient Carthage and the Antonin Baths, the oldest outside of Rome, and then head for the northeast Peninsula. Cap Bon is the home to most of Tunisia’s vineyards and wineries. With a heavy French influence in their industry, the wines of Tunisia mimic those of Provence, and they produce heavy amounts of Rosé.

19. Etna, Sicily

Etna lies on the large tip of the Italian boot, Sicily. Sicily is a staple in the wine world. The volcanic soil around the active volcano Mt. Etna makes for some seriously good wide. Stay in the town of Tormina, a great home base for exploring the wineries of the region. It also happened to be a beautiful seaside town, with an ancient Greek theater, and a famed Cannoli Trail. Now, that is our kind of hike! Make sure to schedule an appointment with Delleterre Nere for a wine tasting of the local specialty: Etna Rossos! With beautiful weather year-round, stunning landscapes, and incredible food, Sicily is right at the top of the list for romantic getaways. Combine Etna with a trip to Tuscany, Italy, and you have one of the best vacations we can think of for wine lovers! 

Bask in the Sun

This next section is for the traditional romantics! There is nothing wrong with a rum punch, on the beach, in one of the world’s great beach locations.

20. Maui, Hawaii

No surprise here! There is no more romantic vacation than a Hawaiian vacation. Waterfalls, lush mountain vistas, Pacific blue waves, and the iconic Hana Highway make Maui a must-visit destination. Go horseback riding on a tropical ranch. Snorkel at Molokini Islet. Visit the black sand beaches of Waiʻānapanapa State Park. Take a surfing lesson, or go ziplining over the jungle canopy of the North Shore. There is no shortage of luxury resorts and beautiful seaside Airbnbs in Maui, so take your pick. Hawaii is one of the most romantic places on earth, so you really can’t go wrong!

21. Holbox, Mexico

Holbox has long been touted as one of the only places to get an authentic experience on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast. While we think those days are gone, Holbox is still beautiful and has a peaceful feel. Take a ferry from the town of Chiquila, a two-hour drive from Cancun. Holbox Beach is a long stretch of glorious white sands and clear turquoise waters, with a cute pier and tons of beachside bars and restaurants. The thatched roofs and quaint architecture give it a laidback Caribbean vibe, and it’s easy to find fresh, organic foods.

Holbox also happens to be one of the world’s best destinations for swimming with whale sharks. After that, we suggest that you venture away from the main town and take a walk to Playa Punta Cocos, a secluded beach on the west side of the island. You most likely will have it all to yourself. Also, take a kayak tour or walk to Punta Mosquito to see the flamingos in the Yum Balam Nature Reserve. Holbox is projected to become the next Tulum, so we suggest you go see it now before Cocos Beach is covered in resorts.

22. Zanzibar

This West African Island, off the mainland of Tanzania is becoming a very popular honeymoon destination, and it’s easy to see why. Explore the winding alleys of Stone Town, an old Muslim Trading Post filled with incredible mosques. See the House of Wonders, the former sultan’s palace, and visit the Old Fort with its massive ancient theatre, which is now a cultural center. Old Town is nice, but the stars of Zanzibar are its clear waters and swaths of white beach. Try to spot the giant tortoises on Changu Island, or if you really want some privacy, book a spot on the private resort island of Mnemba.

For the ultimate romantic getaway, consider pairing Zanzibar with a trip to the mainland of Tanzania. Take a safari tour in Serengeti National Park. Hike the trails of Mount Kilimanjaro, and visit the cultural hub Dar es Salaam. 

Get Off The Beaten Path

For the truly adventurous traveler, a trip is not a trip unless your destination is somewhere your family has never heard of. If your favorite travel question is, “Why are you going to _________?,” then this section is for you!

23. Namibia

The Southwest African country of Namibia is a mystical land of red desert juxtaposed against the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia has a huge Cheetah population and its Etosha National Park is a popular place to spot rhinos and giraffes. Namibia is home to the oldest desert on earth, with the largest sand dunes. Most pictures you see of Namibia are from the “deadvleis” or dead marshes. The shifting sands of the deserts have covered marshes, drowning once beautiful Acacia trees in salty red clay. Now, all that is visible is their twisted, dead trunks. 

This is not an anomaly in Namibia. In fact, the desert has swallowed up all kinds of things. You can visit an old mining village that is now completely under sand in Kolmanskop. The desert is also littered with half-buried antique cars. The sands of Namibia are no joke! Test your quads with a climb up Sand Dune 45 at sunrise, or sandboard down one of Namibia’s many other dunes.

The Northern Skeleton Coast of Namibia just has to be seen with your own eyes. The rough waters have made the shore home to countless shipwrecks and whale skeletons, giving Skeleton Coast its name. It’s one of the most remote and untouched places on earth. Lions and hyenas roam the beaches, hunting for seals. Elephants wade the rough waves, and the waters are teeming with several species of sharks. The Northern portion of the coastline features and walls that rise dramatically from sea level to hundreds of feet high. It can only be reached by small flight or guided 4×4 safari with African Travel Resource. It’s truly a world of wonder and excellent adventure!

24. Cambodia and Vietnam

The mighty Mekong River and the jungles of Vietnam might not be at the top of your honeymoon destination list, but hear us out for a second. Tour companies, like Aqua Mekong Expedition Cruise, offer luxury river trips down the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers that will not only allow you to explore some of the densest and most beautiful jungles of Asia, but will let you do it with WiFi, a hot tub, and a pool, right on your boat! Explore local villages. Take kayak excursions to hidden temples and learn all about the ancient Khmer Empire from the English-speaking guides! It’s not a cheap adventure, but your partner is worth it, right?

25. Uruguay 

Uruguay is an up-and-comer on the travel scene for its funky capital city and beautiful, rugged coastlines. Fly into Montevideo, just across the bay from the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires. The city is an eclectic mix of Spanish architecture, with Neoclassical buildings and Art Decos thrown in too. It has a heavy dose of African influence but also feels like modern Europe. Explore the central park, Plaza Independencia. Stroll the waterfront promenade, La Rambla, and explore the cute piers and fish stalls. 

Take a journey to the interior of Uruguay, and visit some of the oldest hot springs in Arapay, known for its healing waters. Explore one of the oldest cities, Colonia, and its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the charming Barrio Historico. If you truly want to get off the beaten path, head for the tiny village of Cabo Polonio. With a local population of fewer than 100 people, the tiny village on the sea has no electricity, running water, or internet. They live in beautiful beach cabins, guarding the largest sea lion population in South America. There are no roads leading to Cabo Polonio, so you must arrive by 4×4 or a 7 km hike through sand dunes, but they do have a few small rentals for guests, light by gas lamp, of course! 

By the way: Montevideo actually has the longest-running Carnival celebration of any South American Country, lasting upwards of 40 days!

Closing Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best places for you and your partner to travel this year! Let us know in the comments which place you have added to your bucket list!

Still have some time before your big trip? Well, we have you covered on the homefront too! Check out our list of the “Most Creative, Fun, and Cheap Date Ideas,” to help you and your loved one keep that connection and still save up for your big trip!

Now that you’ve picked out your honeymoon destination, let’s get to planning the perfect bachelorette party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is a good vacation spot for couples?

It can be tough to come up with the perfect vacation destination for you and your significant other. The best places for couples to travel include the Faroe Islands, Turkey, Zanzibar, and Namibia.

Where can I take my partner that is off the beaten path?

For a truly unique travel adventure with your partner, consider booker a Mekong River cruise through Vietnam, sandboarding the dunes of Namibia, or exploring the wine country of Tunisia.

What is a good trip in the USA for couples?

Take a Scavenger Hunt of Salt Lake City. Then, take a road trip south of the Utah capital for a hiking adventure in one of Utah’s five National Parks.

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