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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Couples Who Travel

World travelers are a different breed.  Our idea of a perfect present is probably something that no one else has use for. I should know—my husband and I have been traveling the world together for 14 years! We’ve spent the last two years as full-time, international, digital nomads. We have tried a great many products (some fantastic, some flops), and we now have a pretty good hold on what we actually need, and use, and what is just fluff. I’ve used our experiences to put together this guide to purchase the very best gifts for couples who travel!

Give the Gift of an Experience offers couples the chance to see the sights while bonding with each other and engaging in some friendly competition. These app-guided tours are a wonderful way to spend a day or a date night! The recipients of your gift will be able to explore a nearby city or any of our locations around the world. Even better, Explorer Passes allow for unlimited adventures. Gift cards and e-certificates are available!

1. Pro Hero 10 Black

For the active couple, a GoPro or other action camera is a must! We find that we film on our GoPro almost every day. While a new GoPro is great. If that is a bit too steep for your budget, get an older version. The upgraded stabilization came out on the Hero 7 Black. However, we do highly recommend purchasing an extra battery, as they are notorious energy consumers, and a handheld tripod so that it can be used in selfie mode!

What We Love About It:

  • We can snorkel, rappel down waterfalls, paraglide, or bungee jump and not worry about breaking our good camera or the footage being crazy shaky!
  • It’s small and easy to stuff in your pocket.
  • It doesn’t draw a lot of attention from pickpockets or thieves.
  • It comes with an accessory for everything: floating handle for snorkeling, wet case for diving, and helmet, chest, and wrist straps.

2. External Hard Drive

In this Instagram world, your travel-loving couple is bound to take a lot of photos. Eventually, your camera and phone get full, and you don’t want to slow down your computer with all that data. A durable hard drive is an absolute must! Generally, a solid-state drive(SSD) is more durable than a disc drive. They are more expensive, but they can withstand being thrown around your backpack and won’t freeze up and lose all your memories. We have tried several from Seagate and other brands, but the one we have loved the most is this external drive from ADATA

What We Love About It:

  • It’s not the sleekest or most beautiful, but it is fast, effective, and protects itself from all the rough travel we put it through! 
  • It is well-priced, especially for how sturdy it is.

3. The Perfect Travel Backpack

We did a ton of research before choosing our travel backpack, and we can say wholeheartedly that this backpack from BAGSMART has exceeded our every expectation! This bag is technically a camera backpack, as we carry a lot of professional equipment, but it has excellent structure, with moveable and removable interior separators that allow you to pack it how (and with whatever you like). BAGSMART no longer carries this bag, but it is still available on Amazon. 

What We Love About It: 

  • The fabric is waterproof and it comes with a rain cover.
  • The stitching is thick and the bag is built for torture!
  • It looks really nice!
  • The roll-top extends for a great place to store extra clothes or your toiletries bag.
  • It’s ergonomic and easy to carry for males or females.
  • It is carry-on size
  • There are tons of pockets for organization, but they are hidden and not easy access to thieves.

4. Airbnb Gift Card

It doesn’t sound very unique, but trust us, an Airbnb gift card is one of the best travel gifts for couples! Airbnb offers a comfortable and affordable way to travel the world, and honestly, it’s one of our favorite travel sites. We love the ability to meet local folks and to stay in real homes. Airbnb now offers hotels, hostels, private apartments, and long-term rentals, so it fits an itinerary and is a great gift idea!

What We Love About It:

  • It’s easy and practical.
  • As a traveler, it is nice to always have the comfort of knowing your next room is paid for.
  • It’s nice to be able to spend your money elsewhere, knowing your accommodation is covered.

5. Shutterfly Photo Book Gift Card

We did mention that your travel couple is going to take a lot of pictures, right?! When we take a big trip, the first thing we do when we get home is edit all the pictures and build a photo album on Shutterfly. Their lay flat, premium books make for a perfect keepsake. 

What We Love About It:

  • As you travel the world, you begin to forget the little details of the places you have been, and we find that we really enjoy looking back and remembering our travel experiences through our old scrapbooks. 
  • They are beautiful and also serve as home decor.
  • It makes for a great wedding gift, assuming they didn’t have one made by their photographer.

6. The Perfect Carry-On Suitcase

Here’s another area where we have had to learn from failure. We have been through so many suitcases! The perfect suitcase depends on what kind of traveler you are. We recommend packing light and taking a small rolling bag. We will recommend a couple, but in general, here is what we look for:

  1. Max carry-on size, generally going to be a 20-21 inch. (max carry-on is 22″ inch tall for most airlines, but includes wheels). 
  2. A hard shell that can be wiped clean. (If you travel only a couple of times a year, and aren’t hard on stuff, then a cloth bag can be great, as it is more maneuverable to tight airplane compartments).
  3. Two compartments- when living out of a suitcase, a suitcase that has two separate compartments, one on each side,  helps you keep things organized and easier to find.
  4. Four wheeled-Spinner- preferably double wheels to give us 360 degrees of easy navigation for all that cobblestone.
  5.  We don’t like a lot of extra locks, USB chargers, and gadgets. They are nice in theory, but are seldom used and just add weight. (Again if you travel infrequently and check your bags, then consider a TSA-approved lock).
  6. Have a zippable expander.

Again, if you travel infrequently and keep your bags on you at all times, you might consider investing in an expensive, beautiful bag. We find that we put our bags through way too many cobblestone streets, public buses, potholes, and conveyor belts to buy expensive ones. There is nothing worse than seeing your $400 bag come out of the shoot busted on its first trip. The jury is out on this one, but we choose to buy fairly inexpensive bags. Here are the two we have had the best luck with: 

The iFLY Hardside Luggage Fibertech 20″ Carry-on Luggage 
  • It is lightweight and there is no extra protection on the corner (which doesn’t work anyway) taking up space. 
  • It has a few organization zippers and compartments. 
  • It has four, 360-degree double wheels.
  • It has absolute max carry-on capacity and wastes no space!
  • Expandable
The It Luggage Oasis 21″
  • Feels sturdier than the other and has a stronger handle, but does hold significantly less.
  • Has good interior organization
  • Well made, with sturdy zippers and stitches
  • Expandable

7. Great Packing Cubes

You probably won’t see any travel tips guide that doesn’t mention packing cubes, that’s because when living out of a bag, organization is key! No one wants to unpack their whole suitcase, in an airport, just to grab some clean underwear or a pair of socks. That is why any travel lover will get way too excited when they open these perfect packing cubes! We haven’t used these (yet), but they are designed and sold by professional travel Youtubers, Tim & Fin, and the design is awesome. 

What We Love About Them:

  • The polyurethane fabric is crazy resilient!
  • They come in several sizes.
  • You get to support a small business that makes great products.

There are cheaper brands out there that are great too, just make sure you look for compression bags and sturdy zippers.

8. Portable Charger

Navigation, Google searches, photos and video, Google Translate … and the list goes on! We use our smartphones for everything during travel, and unfortunately, sometimes their battery doesn’t last as long as yours. A travel-loving couple needs a good portable charger! A new one of these babies is on our Christmas list this year!

What We Love About It:

  • 45,000+ awesome reviews on Amazon
  • Sleek, slender design, perfect for your pocket.
  • 4 ports, both USB and micro-USB

9. Rick Steve’s Travel Guide Book

Do people still use travel books? Yes! A smart traveler does. If you know your traveler’s next trip destination, this book not only makes a great travel gift. A good guidebook is always worth the extra cost. Europe is on everyone’s bucket list and Rick Steve’s is the undisputed king of European travel. His guidebooks are expertly curated for all European destinations. Your loved ones will save big bucks and precious time by following Rick’s tricks and tips! They also provide excellent downloads, DVDs, maps, and guided tours. If you don’t know where your travel lovers are heading next, no problem. The website sells gift cards to all their awesome products!

What We Love About Them:

  • They rank sites with an easy-to-read key, so you know what the best sites are and how you should build your itinerary.
  • Detailed descriptions of popular sights, restaurants, and hotels, with personal recommendations.
  • They are updated yearly, so the information is always current.
  • You can often get discounts at sights and restaurants by showing them the book!
  • Tips and tricks for avoiding lines, shopping local, and finding deals.

10. Bluetooth Earbuds

A great pair of headphones is an awesome stocking stuffer. Not only do they drown out the screaming babies on the plane, but they are useful every day! These earbuds from Samsung would make someone very happy!

What We Love About Them:

  • These are noise-canceling, small and discrete, and wireless
  • Small packaging is good for travel
  • Auto-detects your voice, and pauses when you speak.

11. Travel Journal

A journal is a unique travel gift that will help your loved ones document their ultimate journeys! This is a habit we are personally trying to get much better at. As mentioned, travel memories begin to stack up and eventually you forget them altogether or they become very hazy. It is so nice to go back and look at what happened that day, what you actually saw, and who was there. We encourage every traveler to at least write down a few sentences a day. It doesn’t have to be fancy, can just be a simple one, like this journal from Etsy

What We Love About It:

  • It’s small for easy packing.
  • It comes with a pen holder
  • It is leather and can be easily cleaned
  • Features thick pages to prevent bleeding

12. Luggage Scale

With the pandemic hitting airlines hard, we have noticed an increase in baggage fees and a decrease in baggage allowances. Many travelers are choosing to travel with only carry-on luggage, and some airlines are even weighing those more regularly. A portable luggage scale is nice to have around to ensure you avoid all extra costs. 

What We Love About It:

  • It fits in your pocket.
  • It’s extremely lightweight
  • Easy to read, with light-up LCD screen.
  • Measure in Kg, Lbs, and Stone

13. Streaming Stick

As full-time travelers, we can’t live without our Roku. Having the ability to watch all your favorites, in your own language, just gives you a semblance of home. Plus, there are rainy days and days where you need to just binge Netflix. Google, Amazon, and Roku are just a few of the streaming sticks out there. Here are a few things to look for.

  • The smaller the better.
  • HDMI connection
  • Has a remote

14. Audible Membership

If your traveler is a book lover, they will appreciate an Audible membership! It will keep them able to fuel their habit without carrying around a bunch of impractical books. Another great option is a subscription to Spotify for music and podcasts.

What We Love About It:

  • Gives access to thousands of books, right on our phone
  • Can try for a month for free
  • Gives discounts to Amazon Prime Members
  • Allows us to read historical and political books on the nation we are in.

15. Powerbank

If your nomads are techies, they are going to need a lot of plug-ins, and unfortunately, that is not a feature of most hostels around the world. They no longer sell ours, but this powerbank is very similar.

What To Look For:

  • Surge protector
  • American 3 prong plugs
  • USB ports
  • Lightweight and easily portable

16. Fanny Packs

Even if you have sworn to never ever wear a fanny pack, you will change your mind after one trip with one. We both carry a fanny pack, and we can’t overexaggerate how handy they are!

What We Love About Them:

  • No ability to sit it down and walk off
  • Less prone to theft
  • No shoulder or neck pain
  • Keeps your hand free

17. Travel Insurance

The best travel gift ideas are practical ones! Adventurous travelers have itineraries filled with ATV rides, ziplines, and road trips through the mountains. Great travel insurance (with major medical coverage) is super important, and it isn’t something any wanderluster wants to spend their own money on. We love the nomad plan from Safety Wing.

What We Love About It:

  • The plan is easy to acquire from anywhere in the world.
  • It covers travel insurance and major medical, including COVID-19 coverage.
  • It covers almost every country.
  • The pricing is perfect, and the customer service is amazing!
  • They are initiating a virtual doctor program, where you will soon be able to see a doctor any time virtually!

18. Great Toiletry Bag

The worse part of travel, as we have said, is trying to pack and repack your stuff and find things when they are spread out all over the place. A well-organized toiletry bag is a must and a great travel gift. If your favorite couple is planning a big trip, they are thinking about car rental, a new phone, or their flight. They will be so grateful that you thought about their personable. Our favorite toiletry bag is also from BAGSMART (although we just realized this). We have tried several toiletry bags. This one is by far the best!

Why we love it: 

  • Large enough for both of our toiletries, so we only have to carry one. 
  • It is well organized, with waterproof zipper pockets, and clear pouches, so we can see where everything is! 
  • The fabric is thick, quilted, and well-stitched. 

19. Universal Adapters

Universal adapters should be on every travel gift guide. For any international traveler, they are a must. Thankfully, some brilliant person has finally figured out how to take all those separate adapters and put them in one. Thank you anonymous super genius! There’s a million out there, but here are a few things to look for:

  • Surge protector included
  • EU, UK, AU, and USA plugs included (These four types will cover most of the world.)
  • USB included and MicroUSB slots included
  • Has its own converter

20. Filtered Water Bottle

Unfortunately, much of the world still doesn’t have access to clean water. Our water bottles are something we use every single day! While a bit expensive, we love this LifeStraw Go Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle.

What We Love About It:

  • Kills 99.99999% of bacteria
  • Stainless Steel meets EPA guidelines and decreases plastic use
  • Has a carabiner strap for easy portability
  • Has a flip straw, instead of a twist-off lid.

21. Adventure Map From

Ok, this one isn’t necessarily a need, but we do love it! Scratch off world maps are a dime a dozen, and we love them! They allow you to see where you have been easily and increase your wanderlust, as you see just how much you still haven’t conquered! However, these maps from are different. They were developed by long-time travelers and YouTube sensations, KaraandNate. They allow you to create a custom map of your route, pinpointing every memorable moment on the trip! They are totally customizable and framed beautifully, creating not only an awesome piece of memorabilia but modern home decor that your newlywed or young couple likely also needs.

22. A Lightweight Coat

Weather is unpredictable, and packing a coat in a carry-on is almost impossible. We think a lightweight puffer coat is an absolute must!

What We Love About Them:

  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • Packs up in its own tiny bag that can be clipped to our backpack
  • Heavy enough, when layered, to keep you warm in most environments

Closing Thoughts

Alright!  That concludes our gift guide of the absolute most useful travel gift ideas for your favorite wanderers. Looking for stocking stuffers? Eye masks, neck pillows, and luggage tags are things we can’t live without!

What have you decided to buy?  Let us know in the comments!

If you’re seeking ideas for new destinations to add to your travel bucket list, check out our list of the best places for couples to travel. We’ve also got “Family Travel Tips To Make Your Next Vacation A Breeze.” Keep an eye on our blog for more tips, tricks, and life hacks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for newlyweds who love to travel?

Gift your traveler the perfect gift for couples who travel, like a stainless steel filter water bottle, a USB power bank, or a universal power adapter.

What are some things every traveling couple needs?

Nomads have interesting gift lists!  Some of the must-have gifts for couples who travel include a sturdy backpack, the best carry-on rolling bag, and portable chargers?

What is a good gift for a travel couple?

Consider gifting a traveling couple an app-guided scavenger hunt in their favorite city. These tours are a wonderful way to spend a day or a date night! Explorer Passes and gift cards are available.

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