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Why Photo Scavenger Hunts Are So Fun

We’ve come up with 20 reasons that photo scavenger hunts are the pinnacle of fun, and we’re hoping to convince you to try one!

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Of course, all scavenger hunts are fun, but there’s something about a photo scavenger hunt that really gets people excited! Let’s face it, in this day in age, photos and videos are almost expected in everything we do. We walk around attached to devices with built-in cameras! But combining the adventure of a scavenger hunt with photo-filled challenges tends to take the level of interactivity up a notch and people love it.

There is a myriad of reasons to embark on a hunt, and so many benefits, too. In fact, we’ve come up with 15 reasons that photo scavenger hunts are the pinnacle of fun! Hopefully, our list convinces you to try one of these awesome activities in the very near future. We just know you’ll have a blast!

Adventures at Your Fingertips

If you’re looking for a memorable experience in your town, a nearby city, or locations around the globe, check out our scavenger hunts! These app-led tours offer unique experiences for friends, coworkers, and families. Each participant with a ticket is assigned a special role, and while you roam, you’ll have opportunities to earn points to top the leaderboard.

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What Is a Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is a competition that challenges participants to find objects or complete tasks and show photographic proof of their progress. The people involved can be in the same physical location or an event can be held virtually, as long as there is a central person or app to receive pictures along the way, or at least at the end of the hunt.

The Evolution of the Photo Scavenger Hunt

Years ago, for pictures to be used on a scavenger hunt, people had to use old-fashioned Polaroid cameras. Back when photos typically had to be developed using commercial equipment, instant cameras were the only alternative. The film was expensive, and the cameras were quite clunky by today’s standards, so it wasn’t very practical for a team event.

With the arrival of digital cameras, and especially with technological advances in both device quality and size, the world of photo scavenger hunts has been forever changed. Furthered by the existence of the Internet and instant downloads, we now have the ability to take countless photos and transmit them to others during an event.

Being able to capture selfies, group photos, and pics of objects and landmarks has completely transformed the modern-day scavenger hunt. It’s increased their availability and popularity. Most of all, it’s made these activities far more enjoyable to all involved!

How Does a Photo Scavenger Hunt Differ from a Traditional Hunt?

On a traditional scavenger hunt, there is no real expectation that photos will be taken. Individuals and teams can feasibly complete tasks without incorporating picture-taking. With GPS, apps can track people from stop to stop. Additionally, events can involve challenges like problem-solving, eating, or physical activities that can’t (or don’t need to) be captured on camera.

During a photo scavenger hunt, pictures become part of the challenges. This can be done in two ways:

1. Tasks can be directly related to taking photos of people or subject matter
2. Pics can simply be used to show proof of task completion.

A prime example of the first is a photography scavenger hunt. This type of hunt involves a scavenger list full of specific pictures that must be produced by participants. For instance, one task might be to proceed to a location and capture a picture of a type of bird known to frequent the area. Another task might require a group pic to be snapped in front of a popular landmark.

When photos are used to show proof, the quality of the pics doesn’t matter as much, as long as they show that individuals or teams are doing what they need to do to finish challenges. On a task to track down three circular-shaped objects, participants could very well end up with three photos of garbage cans, as long as the subject matter matches the task at hand, they count!

Why Are Photo Scavenger Hunts So Fun?

1. They’re interactive!

First and foremost, photo scavenger hunts are extremely interactive! Your scavenger hunt list can be made up of riddles or rhymes, and tasks may be physical or mental. No matter what the challenges entail, you’ll be engaged in activities, and snapping pics and videos, from the word “go!”

2. They make education more enjoyable.

Photo scavenger hunts can be used to teach anything, from mathematical principles to history. Use them to expose tourists to landmarks or onboard new employees. They’re almost guaranteed to make learning fun! They make great kids activities for the classroom, historical society events, and college orientation exercises.

3. They can be romantic.

Have you ever had a scavenger hunt date? We highly recommend it! Combine special places with shared events, sprinkle in some opportunities to take sweet photos, and you have a winning combo. Just pick a theme that means something to you and yours and start planning. We can help! Couples scavenger hunts are one of our specialties.

4. They encourage healthy competition.

Competition can be a major motivator, and scavenger hunts get those competitive juices flowing! Individuals and teams will have a terrific time as they make their way through their photo scavenger hunt lists and check off items, trying to be the first to finish.

5. They can cheer you up on a rainy day!

Sure, photo scavenger hunts can be wonderful outdoor activities, but they can be done anywhere, in any weather. Brighten up a gloomy day by setting up a quick in-home scavenger hunt for the kiddos! If you and your significant other are stuck inside, chase away the blues by creating clues and turn the day into an adventure.

Don’t forget to share pics of your family fun or couple goals on social media when you’ve finished your hunt!

6. They help break down barriers.

Planning activities can be tricky when dealing with groups of strangers, mixed-age audiences, and shy folks. Rest assured, photo scavenger hunts can be excellent ice breakers!

When you give people common goals and a fun way to achieve them, it helps to encourage communication and collaboration. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing smiles and hearing laughter, as participants make their way from clue to clue.

7. They make the best nature scavenger hunts!

If you’ve got friends or children who love to explore, an outdoor scavenger hunt is ideal. Send your hunters off to a local park, forest, or field. Add the photo element and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Nature brings to mind so many photo scavenger hunt ideas.

For a summer activity, ask participants to find and photograph insects and animals often seen outside. In the fall, ask for photos of colored leaves pinecones, and pumpkins. When it’s winter, hunters can chase down holiday decorations, snow shovels, and sleighs. And, of course, the spring brings new growth, bird nests, and tiny wildlife.

8. They’re a great way to get some exercise.

Many of us find it difficult to fit physical activity into our routine, and the hustle and bustle of life can be so busy that it’s tempting to spend most of our spare time on the couch, staring at screens. Scavenger hunts give us reasons to get up and get moving.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t run unless you’re being chased, a fun photo scavenger hunt might be just what you need to coax you into a more active afternoon.

9. They make people laugh.

Laughter is medicine for the soul, and photo hunts offer a double dose. With the right blend of riddles, clues, and tasks, these activities make people smile. When was the last time you saw a scavenger hunt for kids and didn’t hear giggles?

Photo scavenger hunts offer even more opportunities for funny shenanigans because the pics themselves usually get a few laughs. Even taking the pics can result in some snickering and chuckling! And the crazier the photos, the more laughs ensue.

10. They’re fun to create!

Photo scavenger hunts are entertaining for all involved, including event planners. That’s why we do what we do! Not to brag, but we’re living the dream, and you can share it.

When you plan a photo scavenger hunt, you get to come up with creative and fun ideas for challenges, clues, and rewards. If you’re going the DIY route, the blog is a perfect starting point.

And don’t worry—if you run out of time or steam, you can always contact our guides and we’ll help you over the finish line. Custom hunts are our jam!

11. They make particularly good party games.

Planning fun games for a party can be challenging, especially if you need to match a theme, occasion, and several personality types. Photo scavenger hunts make it easy!

From holiday parties to birthday parties, workplace events to club socials, a photo scavenger hunt can be fitting. Plus, since hunts have multiple checkpoints, you can include a little something for everyone. You could even offer bonus points for the best party pictures!

12. They’re exciting!

When you challenge people to find items or complete challenges, it gives them a rush. Factor in competition and a time limit, and you can feel the blood start pumping! There’s a natural adrenaline rush that comes with solving riddles and problems or figuring out clues, racing against others and the clock, and trying to come out on top. We’re excited just thinking about it!

13. They offer a welcome reprieve from the workday.

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for leisure, they can also be part of a rewarding workday. That’s because they are incredibly effective team-building activities. They help employees to strengthen bonds while fine-tuning problem-solving skills and fostering a collaborative environment.

By incorporating photo scavenger hunts into your team building repertoire, you’ll offer a well-deserved break that also happens to be productive. What’s more, by encouraging team pics, you’ll finish the day with some great shots for the company newsletter or holiday party slideshow.

14. They’re idea for happy hours and pub crawls!

Getting together with friends to knock a few back is fun, in itself. Add a photo scavenger hunt and you have the makings of an epic evening!

Experience bar hopping like never before, as you and your crew make your way to all of the hotspots. As you’re led by clever clues, you’ll have to keep your eyes open for your competition. As you make your way from one location to the next, photos will document your adventures.

15. They offer fantastic photo ops!

Some people don’t need a reason to snap a few pics, while others are more hesitant. When you set up a photo scavenger hunt, you offer everyone a reason to strike a pose—or ten! Teens love selfie scavenger hunts, and what a way to entice older kids into a party game.

Whether you’re planning an event for toddlers or adults in their twilight years, photo hunts are irresistible! So get that list ready and see what kinds of photos come rolling in. Even better, when the hunt is over, everyone gets to walk away with pics to commemorate the day.

Closing Thoughts

When you consider any or all of these reasons, it’s pretty clear that you can’t go wrong with a photo hunt. Picture scavenger hunts are fun activities for multiple age groups, locations, and settings. Consider one next time you need to plan a team-building event, bday party, date night, or family function. We can’t think of a reason not to!

If you agree, check out this Ultimate Guide to Photo Scavenger Hunts for more ideas, or reach out to the experts at and allow us to assist you with an upcoming event!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a photo scavenger hunt fun?

There are many reasons that photo scavenger hunts are fun, but interactivity is key! Simply put, pic challenges boost the engagement factor. As a bonus, you get ready-made memories from your adventure!

What’s the difference between a photo scavenger hunt and a photography scavenger hunt?

A photo scavenger hunt involves completing tasks and showing proof in pictures. A photography scavenger hunt is a photo scavenger hunt, but tasks are directly related to taking specific photos.

What’s the best kind of scavenger hunt?

At, we love them all! But we do have a particular affinity for hunts with pic challenges or full-on photo scavenger hunts. They’re fantastic for exploring cities or your surroundings.

Where can I find a ready-made photo scavenger hunt?

There are free printable photo scavenger hunts available on sites like Pinterest and Etsy. If you really want to ensure your event is perfect, contact the experts at

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